Sues his drug dealer, after 4 years smoking parsley, thinking it was marihuana

The rule of thumb is that first, you smoke weed and then add parsley over the Italian snack you ordered to eat. But a man in Spain, through no fault of his own, had been smoking the condiment instead of the weed without a clue that his dealer was messing with him big time.

According to thereisnews, the 28-year-old man went to the cops in Murcia, Spain, and gave his statement against the clear injustice that was done to him.


He said: “the truth is that the smell was too familiar to me, but he told me that it was a new variety and so I could smoke it at home because nobody would suspect, but over time I realized that I did not notice any effect when consuming the alleged marijuana, so I discussed it with some friends.”

Logically, the friends, in addition to laughing, informed him that it was parsley and that is why he decided to report the facts

“I do not care if people find out, I want him to return all my money invested.”

The police tried to take it with humor. “He arrived indignant and told a colleague that he wanted to file a complaint against a drug dealer, we attended to him and that was when he told us all the facts.”

Apparently the young man has been buying marijuana for 4 years, but dealer has been cheating on him by providing him with parsley.

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