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Sugar Kush Cannabis Strain

THC 20% 
CBD 0.2%

Sugar Kush is a sweet-tasting pure Indica which offers a heavy and comfortable body high, often producing an immediate and satisfying slumber.

Sugar Kush is an appropriately sweet-smelling Indica marijuana, bred from Kandy Kush and Hash Plant. It’s a super classic Kush strain, in that it’s all about a comfortable, drowsy body high, with very little in the way of mental stimulation. Basically, you’ll want this weed if you’re looking for medicinal properties, or you just want to become happily unconscious halfway through a movie. Sugar Kush is one of many Kush-derived Indica marijuana strains from the West coast. Among its cousins, it stands out by having a great taste, and a particularly warm, heavy body high. Sugar Kush will give you a comfortable time. And, with its average THC of 20%, you probably won’t need much. Enthusiasts consuming this marijuana will have to wait a few minutes for the high to get going. But, soon enough, a warm, tingly sensation will become all-encompassing. Pain and stress disappear, replaced with a soothing bath of bodily bliss. Soon after, drowsiness kicks in powerfully, along with a decent case of the munchies. This weed will give you the urge for a quick bedtime snack, followed by bed. A pure nighttime weed, this is not for those who like an energetic marijuana experience. However, this plant is extremely pleasing for those who just want to chill with a vengeance or medicate.

Sugar Kush offers fairly potent anesthesia which could be helpful for patients dealing with chronic aches and pains. Relaxing properties may relieve symptoms of those suffering from stress and anxiety. Intensely sedative, making it potentially perfect treatment for insomniacs.





Average Yield

Indoors: 400 To 500 Grams Per Square Meter
Outdoors: 450 Grams Per Plant

Average Height

4 Feet

Growing Difficulty



Myrcene – Musk, Mango

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