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Sulfur Deficiency In Weed Plants

A sulfur deficiency may be rare, but it can cause serious damage to marijuana plants. Learn about how to recognize and treat sulfur deficiency. Believe it or not, it is very rare for a marijuana plant to develop a sulfur deficiency. This is a lucky fact for most growers since sulfur is critical for healthy roots, plant protein development, and chlorophyll levels during the vegetation stage.

If you have this deficiency, you will notice it when newer leaves start to yellow or even become orange or red. You may think it is a nitrogen deficiency, but it is not.

Sulfur deficiency signs


A sulfur deficiency will create leaves that are fragile and slim, and you may notice the growth starts to slow down. You may even see smaller leaves.  During the flowering stage, the buds will die, and the plant’s growth will slow down even more.

With a severe case, you may see yellow veins and damage at the bottom of the leaves. You’ll also notice slim, woody stems that do not get thicker

Not enough sulfur is bad, but having too much is also a problem. An excess of sulfur will make your plant look dead with ugly brown tips and a smaller size. It has the same effect as salt.

For more information on recognizing a sulfur deficiency, read Nutrient deficiencies in marijuana plants.

Fixing a sulfur deficiency


The easiest way to resolve a sulfur deficiency is by using Epson salts. For this, simply add two teaspoons of Epson Salt for every gallon of water. Give that to your plant until it improves.

You can also use nutrients with sulfur in them. Most water-soluble fertilizers contain sulfur and will work to fix a deficiency. You can also try potassium sulfate, elemental garden sulfur or gypsum.

You’ll need to be a bit patient because it takes sulfur a few days to travel through the plant.
If this does not fix the deficiency, make sure your pH level isn’t causing poor absorption of sulfur.

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