Tame the Stink With These Low Odor Cannabis Strains

Growing your own is fun and rewarding, but many believe it’s not an option because they live in a place where growing is illegal. Some people do not take marijuana cultivation kindly. Some states and territories may even require you to keep your plants out of sight of the public or in a locked enclosure both for commercial and home growers.  It’s impossible to fully reduce the smell that growing weed produces but some strains are worse than others.

You have a surprising amount of variety when it comes to strains that don’t smell as strong. If you want strains with a less powerful scent though, don’t be worried; their effects will not be any weaker, they will simply attract less attention while growing. Low odor strains aren’t fool-proof, but they’ll definitely help make things easier! These are just a few examples.

Durban Poison


Durban Poison is a pure sativa that hails from South Africa and is nearly odorless. Its buds are known to be uplifting and covered in large resin glands. Plus, they’re typically rich in THC, testing between 15 and 25 percent. Durban poison can have 20 percent THC or more and is naturally rich in THCV. THCV is a psychoactive cannabinoid known to be energizing. It’s often found in strains of “skinny weed,” which curb people’s appetites instead of giving them the munchies.

Durban Poison plants can be nearly odorless, which is great for stealth growing. When its flowers are cured, they have a spicy, citrusy smell and a taste that some compare to anise. Durban Poison can be used for ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue, depression, and migraines, as well as overall productivity, creativity, and euphoria.

Blue Mystic

This indica-dominant strain has a blueberry aroma, but it is subtle compared to other berry-smelling buds — or any other bud, for that matter. It produces a relaxing high and its nugs are slightly blue and covered in trichomes. Besides being low odor, Blue Mystic is loved by indoor growers for its fast flowering, typically only taking seven to nine weeks to bloom.

Master Kush


Master Kush is another easy to grow strain with short flowering time of only 7 – 9 weeks and a sweet taste and a very powerful but still a restrained smell of cannabis. Master Kush is intended for indoor and greenhouse cultivation unless planted outdoors in a warm climate. A good air-circulation is necessary to offset this but carbon-filtering will not be necessary as it is a low odour strain, a fact that some people will regard as being of the utmost importance so as not to give the game away!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is naturally low odor. It’s a cultivation favorite due to its fast flowering, resinous buds and resilience. Plus, it was bred to grown indoors, making it a good choice for beginner gardeners. Northern Lights produces a super-relaxing body high that can be used as a fast-acting sedative or pain killer, it’s great for insomnia, depression, stress, or just chilling out after work. It is a great plant to grow at home because it is packed with THC.

Jack Herer


Named after the cannabis activist whose tireless energy for cannabis legalization is reflected in the uplifting buzz of its sativa high.

Jack Herer is a 55 percent sativa and 45 percent indica and has 20 percent THC that results in a dreamy cerebral effect. This effect made the jack herer win the High Times Cannabis Cup a few years in a row. Jack herer’s taste and odor are likened to crème brulee which is both creamy and nutty. Jack Herer is known as one of the best cannabis strain there is as it was named after the Emperor of Cannabis himself, Jack Herer.

The smell is also not that strong compared to other strains. It will produce a more sweet, fruity scent verging on caramel, but it’s subtle.

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Polar Express

This indica-dominant strain is popular among stealth and guerrilla growers for its low odor and compact size. Polar Express was also bred to autoflower indoors, making this strain easy to produce. Its buds test around 15 percent THC and produce a relaxing high with cerebral effects that are known to also have medical benefits, including combating muscle pain and inflammation.

  • Low odor strains are the key to growing weed discreetly in less than legal places. Do you know of other low odor strains? Let us know in the comments below.
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