Texas Lawmaker Lies about Cannabis And Military Veterans Suicides to Block Medical Access

According to Donna Campbell, 70% of military veterans dead by suicide had THC in their systems, who appears to have made this fact up.

A Republican, Donna Campbell is a licensed and practicing physician who represents a suburb of San Antonio in the Texas Senate. She has also been involved in Texas’s long and hard journey towards legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

PTSD, a malady common among the millions of people who have become military veterans over the past 20 years of combating terrorism, might have been included in the bill.

During a 2016 committee hearing on this exact same matter — allowing veterans with PTSD to access cannabis, a drug that many military veterans say is what brings them relief — Campbell stopped a military veteran mid-sentence.

There are no signs of aleged study

Campbell’s office did not respond to multiple requests for comment. We searched far and wide but could not find a study with results matching those described by Campbell. 

Several experts and advocates contacted for this piece said they were unaware of a study that reflected the findings Campbell described.

Several studies examine the relationship between cannabis use and suicidal thoughts. Others have cross-referenced registry data on deaths attributed to suicide with the timing of the legalization of medical marijuana in the states where the suicides took place.

Here is a list of few studies that clearly show cannabis helps PTSD:

Campbell 2016 Hearing statement

“We already legalized medical cannabis,” said the senator, offering the beatific, “you are an idiot, sir” smile reserved for someone asking directions in a Walmart.

“Yeah… but it doesn’t help veterans,” the veteran responded, according to the Houston Press. “It helps intractable epileptic patients only. So…“

“Well,” Campbell interrupted again, “that is a subject for another day.”

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