The 5 Best Cannabis Strains For Productivity

Sure, weed can be a part of a relaxing evening in, but it can also be consumed during times when you need to focus and get something done. This versatile plant has many different functions and using it to aid in productivity is growing increasingly popular, with plenty of new marijuana strains coming out on a regular basis.

Cannabis and Productivity

While there has been research into cannabis’ association with creativity, the same kind of research has not been done on the drug’s relation to productivity. This being said, many cannabis smokers would argue that marijuana is part of their everyday productive lives. Writer, producer and actor Seth Rogen called the idea that cannabis smokers were lazy and unproductive an antiquated thought and stated himself, “I smoke a lot of weed and I am extremely productive.” In other interviews he has noted that marijuana allows him to relax and create while working long hours. While Seth Rogen might be the ideal example of a productive, creative smoker, many ordinary people use cannabis to remain focused and productive throughout the day.

Indica or sativa?

All cannabis use will trigger dopamine production, but the subclass of cannabis called sativa has been more closely linked to these feelings than its cousin, indica. Indica gives the user more of a body high, cerebral effect or zone-induced state. Because of this, you’re going to want to turn to any of the following sativa strains when looking to be the most productive.

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

Named after late American cannabis activist Jack Herer, this sativa-dominant strain gets it lineage from Shiva Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights #5. Many users describe this as an energetic strain that clears the mind and increases creativity. If you’re going to name a strain after a productive cannabis activist, it better pay tribute to the man himself. Even though this strain shares lineage with Green Crack, Jack Herer has a more spicy and pine-like taste when smoked.

Grapefruit Cannabis Strain

Sometimes when you need to be productive, you just need to block out all other stressors and just focus on the task at hand. Grapefruit, which get its roots from the strain Cinderella 99, has been known to energize and relax the user, clearing the mind of anxiety. As the name suggests, this strain has an intense grapefruit and citrus flavour.

CBD Mango Haze Cannabis Strain

This strain may be hard to find, but it’s on the list for a reason. CBD Mango Haze was bred to have a nearly even ratio of THC to CBD. THC is what gets you that high effect whereas CBD offers other medical benefits without the same high feeling. CBD has been thought to counteract the sleep-inducing effects of THC on the body, so Mango Haze can still offer common sativa-like effects while keeping you awake and alert. Similar to its Mango Haze parent plant, this strain has tropical, spicy and sweet flavours.

Haze Cannabis Strain

Used as a parent for many hybrids produced today, Haze is a very popular sativa strain. Dating back to the 1960’s, this strain has been known to offer users a significant increase in energy and a creative buzz. Described as having a spicy scent accented by citrus and sweet, earthy flavors, it’s been around for so long because of its unparalleled ability to deliver such positive effects.

Maui Waui Cannabis Strain

As you may have guessed, Maui Waui originates from Hawaii. Described as allowing the mind to relax and venture to creative environments, this strain has natural sativa-like effects of high-energy euphoria. With the taste of pineapple and citrus, this strain even tastes of Hawaii. `Okole maluna!

For some, cannabis is anything but a productive force in their daily lives, but for others it can be used to inspire focus and creativity. The drug, of course, affects everyone differently. These strains are grown to produce the desired energetic effects, so they should be experimented with in hopes of discovering which strain will lead you down the path of focused productivity.

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