The 5 Creative Methods People Have Smuggled Cannabis

For as long as cannabis have been illegal, people have been finding new, innovative ways of getting it from here to there. This has led to some pretty crazy smuggling stories, methods that make you wonder just why these people aren’t using their creativity in different fields. Maybe they just like the thrill.
Either way, here are some of the craziest ways in which people have tried to smuggle cannabis.

Chocolate bars

Smugglers might have thought they’d found a sweet way to get drugs into the country, but earlier this year border agents uncovered the ploy during an inspection at the Port of Halifax: more than 200 kilograms of hashish tucked away inside chocolate bars.Officers located and seized 100 chocolate bars with each containing two kilograms of hashish, a drug produced from cannabis resin.

Filling hash in the speakers of fictional rock bands

In the 70s, arguably the world’s most beloved dope smuggler, Howard Marks, or Mr. Nice, transported around 30 tonnes of marijuana around the world. This Oxford nuclear physics genius conjured up fictional rock bands in the books, used their speakers and other equipment and loaded them up with massive amounts of cannabis.

Weed-stocked Wheelchair

A 19-year-old man pretending to be disabled was caught with at the U.S.-Mexico border with this weed-stocked wheelchair in 2011. This ultra-light aircraft was carrying 253lbs of marijuana when it was captured in December, 2008 in the Tucson, Arizona area. According to U.S. government statistics, there were 228 known aircraft incursion along the U.S.-Mexico border in 2010 alone.


The first “narco-tunnel” from Mexico to the US was discovered in 1990. According to the Los Angeles Times, the tunnel ran 273 feet from a luxury home in Agua Prieta, Mexico to a warehouse in Arizona, and it was equipped with electric lighting, a drainage system and a trolley for moving the drugs.One of the biggest narco-tunnels ever discovered in the United States was found in April 2016. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, it ran half a mile from a house in Tijuana, Mexico to an industrial property in the San Diego area, and it was equipped with lights, rails and a ventilation system. Authorities indicated the tunnel was likely used to move multiple tons of drugs that included marijuana and cocaine.

Improvised Cannon

It’s no secret that some of the most ingenious methods of smuggling have occurred between the US border with Mexico, and this one is certainly no exception. Many of these cannons are home-made from PVC piping, can be powered by a car engine, and can catapult about 13kg of drugs at a time. Some cannons can project packages as far as 120m across border fences, where they can be picked up by accomplices on the other side.

They may be on the wrong side of the law, but these guys sure do have some major cojones!

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