The 5 Hardest to Find Cannabis Strains of 2018

Here are the five hardest to find, rarest strains of 2018 for all of you adventurous stoners out there.

Dr. Grinspoon cannabis strain

Back in the 1960s, the era when cannabis use was just as rampant as authoritative rhetoric against it, Dr. Lester Grinspoon decided to research the risks of pot. Dr. Grinspoon, however, could not find any and became a pro-cannabis activist instead.

In honor of Dr. Grinspoon is this potent sativa with his name. With 22% THC, this rare strain offers a compelling and invigorating high. I’m sure the professor is a pretty swell guy too.

Malawi Gold cannabis strain

The sativa Malawi Gold is often thought to be the rarest strain on the planet. Malawi Gold hails from the African country Malawi, specifically from the small Salima District that sits in the middle of the country. Sweet but mild, Malawi Gold only has a THC range between 14 to 18%, making for a pleasant and meditative high.

Pinkman Goo cannabis strain

This rare strain may be the stickiest bud of all time. The “goo” of Pinkman Goo comes from the plant’s unique photosynthesis process. In tests, the “goo” is about 4% higher in THC content than samples without it. In total, Pinkman Goo has around 18% THC.

The White cannabis strain

The White is one of the strongest and most rare strains that exists. A hybrid indica, it can pack as much as 20-29% THC. In its lineage are popular strains like White Fire OG, another powerful hybrid.

Crystal Coma cannabis strain

Something about the name of this Cannabis Cup winner tells me it’ll do a dandy job of knocking you on your ass. Crystal Coma is a sativa hybrid with a fuzzy crystal coat and a potency of 26% THC. Its family tree is shrouded in some mystery, some believe this rare strain comes from similar lines as Skunk #1 and Cheese.

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