The Best Cannabis Grinders

Having the right grinder for your cannabis is essential for any stoner. How many times have you used a grinder and it just kind of mashed up the bud, only to result in you digging it out and picking it apart manually? Grinders are supposed to make your smoking life easier, not more time consuming. Stoping buying dysfunctional grinders, and do a bit of research.

1. SLX Grinder 2.0

Best Weed GrindersTo start with, SLX Grinder is the first grinder that does not ever need cleaning. SLX Grinder has a ceramic coating on its interior. Moreover, the manufacturer used innovative technology to bring you the best of SLX Grinder. The design is elegant and it is sturdy.Also, you can choose from four different finishes. What’s more is that SLX Grinder is easy to hold, and the grip points are also nice.

2. Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece

Best Weed GrindersCali Crusher is proudly made from San Diego California and the first designer grinders that hit the market! The grinder has matte finish and you can choose from several colors. Moreover, Cali Crusher Grinders have deep rounded bottom. Also, there are made with 100% high grade materials for your herbs to stay fresh even after grinding. The blades are uniquely design to provide more herbs. Furthermore, screens can also be removed for easy cleaning when kief collecting starts to slow up. This is the only grinder with a 4-way locking mechanism. You don’t have to unscrew the middle chamber.

3. Golden Gate Grinders

Best Weed GrindersGolden Gate Grinders has good features and guess what? Its price is very affordable! Moreover, these grinders are aircraft graded with anodized aluminum. So, Golden Gate Grinders are sturdy. Also, the sifter contains micron steel mesh that will ensure you the herb pieces are being caught even the tiniest one. On the other hand, the diamond shaped teeth are extremely sharp to give you best result in shredding your herb. Golden Gate Grinder has lifetime warranties! That is why Golden Gate Grinders is part of the best weed grinders of 2016.

4. Space Case 4 Piece Titanium Herb Grinder

Best Weed GrindersSpace Case Grinder is everyone’s number one favorite! Furthermore, it comes with a diamond shaped teeth that is extremely sharp. Also, the grinder is made of titanium and it does not rust and it is durable. What’s more to that is, Space Case Grinder has a lifetime warranty and is durable. Though, the only problem with this nifty grinder is that the rounded pollen trays has not yet been upgraded. On the other hand, Space Case Grinder is a bit pricey!

5. Zenpype

Zenpype is 3in1 add-on for bottles. It can turn any PVC or glass bottle in to a bong. You can use it as bowl or a pipe and it has integrated grinder with sharp diamond shaped cutting blades. Zenpype consists of three parts, upper part is add-on that you attach to a neck of a bottle, remaining two parts is a grinder Zenpype is higly durable because it is made of aviation grade aluminium. The price tag on Zenpype is reachable for every pocket and for that money it offers you high quality product and considerably more enjoyable smoking experience than other similar products combined on the market. Zenpype’s maximum flow performance both as bong add-on or bowl and precised grinder that can compete with top ratted grinders, is perfect smoking piece when you have saving money on your mind.

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