The Best Cannabis Strains For Weight Loss

Losing weight takes a lot of time, effort and determination and keeping the weight off means making lifestyle changes. Overweight and obese individuals need all the help they can get. Before we get too hung up on the idea that weed can keep you skinny, it’s important to remember that consuming large amounts of calories without burning them off will certainly not help you in your weight loss plan, no matter how much ganja you smoke.

Some strains of cannabis, especially landrace strains from South and East Africa, have actually been shown to suppress appetite because they contain the compound THCV. THCV is the rebellious sibling that doesn’t like to play by the rules of the household. The compound is capable of curbing hunger for individuals looking to shed some extra weight. It also contains properties that reduce insulin resistance, making it suitable for patients diagnosed with diabetes. This was confirmed in a 2013 study conducted by a team of scientists at the University of Buckingham. This cannabinoid is actually an antagonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which means it blocks THC, keeping you from getting high and from getting the munchies. It has the same psychoactive affect as THC, however, and tends to take effect much more quickly (think “one hit wonders”), but the high is much shorter lived, which is why it is often bread out of popular strains.

To find strains with a high amount of THCV, ask your budtender or keep your eyes peeled for these popular, appetite-suppressing strains.

Doug’s Varin 

This rare bud is a bit of an anomaly, not much is known about this mysterious strain. Bred in California, Doug’s Varin is considered a pure sativa that was specially crafted to  relieve panic attacks, Parkinson’s tremors, stimulate bone growth, and provide a burst of energy. This strain is very high in THCV, and described as being exceptionally robust in its energetic properties, and also highly appetite suppressive. Patient’s suffering from anorexia and appetite loss should steer clear of Doug’s Varin, as THCV suppresses hunger.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a strain that is a great option for losing weight, but also helps counter depression. THC-V can be found in Durban Poison, thus making it a great option for those looking to lose weight. It has been described as “racy” yet clear-headed high, excellent for creatives or those suffering from depression.

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is another THC-V option. The Thai sativa influences give a solid headiness to the strain, while staying grounded by the Afghani indica cross. Skunk is a favorite among growers and a crowd pleaser among patients.

Cherry Pie

If looking for the best pain relieving strains while still managing to curb appetite –look no more. The Durban cross provides THC-V as well as an exquisite taste & sour nose.

Pineapple Purps

Pineapple Purpsis a sativa dominant strain high in THCV cannbinoids that is said to block panic attacks, reduce Parkinson’s tremors and suppress the appetite.

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