The Best Non-Psychoactive – CBD Cannabis Strains

Cannabinoids are what make marijuana a medicine. These compounds are responsible for the effect your body experiences: whether it’s an intense high or one of the many therapeutic benefits. People who want the medical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive buzz need to shop for the CBD (Cannabidiol) content. CBD is one of more than 85 chemical compounds found in marijuana, called cannabinoids.

CBD is credited with treating alcoholism, antibiotic-resistant infections, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, MS, PTSD, and neurological disorders. It’s the CBD that relieves anxiety, inflammation, pain, psychosis, seizures, and spasms. At one time, Cannabis strains high in Cannabidiol (CBD) were somewhat of a rarity. As the testimonials roll in from researchers, patients and MMJ doctors, the efficacy of High-CBD Cannabis has become obvious. Growers have taken note and responded by producing a fantastic array of new potent hybrids with therapeutic quantities of CBD.

Here  we list some of the most popular High-CBD strains so take a look at them and get seeds below!


Remedy’s parents are Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk strains. This High-CBD strain has little psychoactive effect beyond inducing a sense of calm and well being.. CBD levels in Remedy can reach 15% with trace levels of THC (<1%). Buds are tinted with yellows and trichomes are lemony in scent. This hybrid is used to treat pain, seizures, PTSD, anorexia, autism, inflammation, anxiety among other disorders.


Harlequin is 75/25 Sativa with a sweet musky mango fragrance. It’s well known to reliably supply a potent amount of CBD, time and again. . Parents include Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss strains. This strain is reported to make users clear headed and alert. Harlequin’s CBD:THC ratio is a solid 5:2 which affords double strength pain killing properties. Effects are described as relaxing, without sedation and intoxication.


Another high-CBD strain called Avidekel was developed in Israel, the brain child of breeders working for a goverment-licensed cannabis company called Tikum Olam. Avidekel contains 0% THC and 15.8 to 16.3% CBD.


Cannatonic is a hybrid strain created by Spanish seedbank and Resin Seeds. THC content is usually around 5% with CBD ranging from 6 to an outstanding 17%. and high CBD content (6-17%). Parents are a MK Ultra female and a robust G13 Haze male. High is described as short lived, uplifting and completely relaxing.

Cannatonic has gained a handsome reputation for the treatment chronic pain, spasms, stress, headaches, and other many other conditions / symptoms. Cannatonic smells of earth with mild, sweet citrus overtones.

Charlotte’s Web

In 2011, the Stanley brothers from Colorado developed a variety of marijuana that was high in CBD and low in THC for people suffering from cancer. But after stopping the unrelenting seizures of a 5 year-old girl, the siblings realized a unique benefit of the high-CBD strain. The girl’s name was Charlotte, and the strain was dubbed “Charlotte’s Web”. Charlotte’s Web is believed to be the highest CBD strain in the world. It contains 20% CBD and less than 0.5% THC.

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