The Best Trippy Cannabis Strains

However, the most adventurous among us hunt for psychedelic strains. The long-lasting, trippy, and ultimately mind-expanding qualities of psychedelic cannabis highs are sometimes a bit tricky to track down but are most definitely worth it.

THC, the psychoactive chemical of the plant is most often found at high yields in Sativa buds. It tends towards a cerebral effect, a “heady” energized buzz, euphoric and bright, that will make you want to get up and do something. Psychoactive feelings derived from weed occurs at varying degrees. The particular strain, how it was grown, how old the bud is, the method of consumption, and the body’s unique reaction makes an impact on its potential for a head buzz. Though there are many factors to consider when picking a cannabis strain for its cerebral effects, its THC level is the most solid indicator.

Trippy cannabis strains not only increase your visual acuity but are so mind warping that they can cause vision distortion and even make you see and hear things that aren’t there.
We’ve selected the best cannabis strains for psychedelic head buzz based on user-submitted reviews and research. Try them all to find the perfect strain for you!

 Tickle Kush

The strain is fairly new on the market and named one of High Times Strongest Strains on Earth 2014. It is a hybrid mix of LA Kush (Indica dominant) x ChemDawg (Sativa) characterized by its heavy, relaxing body high. Unlike some Indica dominant hybrids, the surprise in this bud is the incredibly enjoyable and uplifting creative-head-space, good for lots of laughs and conversation starters at any party. Sure to relieve stress and tension, and is an amazing medicinal pain reliever.


Since you are looking for psychedelic effects from cannabis strains, it makes sense to go for strains named after the quintessential drugs associated with psychedelia.

The LSD strain is a near perfectly balanced hybrid that gives you all the psychedelic effects that you could want. These dense, vividly colored buds give you a great estimation of what delights await you just from their appearance alone.

LSD is, of course, not hallucinogenic, assuming you are still talking about the cannabis strain. It offers a potent concentration of THC that is sure to stimulate your brain so much that it can’t help but react psychedelically.

The LSD strain is famous for inspiring bursts of creativity and intense cerebral activity, leaving you able to craft beautiful works of art. Of course, you could also just sit there, lie back, and enjoy the transcendent high that this strain gives you.

As long as you know exactly what to expect when you smoke your LSD, you can look forward to a bright and intense psychedelic experience.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze has a psychedelic double dipping of strong tropical sativas in its genealogy. There is also a noticeable influence of the Afghan indica in her story. Certainly sativa-dominant, Super Silver Haze is one the most indica influenced of the Hazes in maturing time, internode distance and bud compactness.

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Durban Poison

A pure sativa strain imported from South Africa, Durban Poison has a beautiful flavor that makes it worth it on its own. A bit like licorice, and also a bit like sour cherries, the strange thing about this strain’s flavor is that it tastes like what psychedelic effects feel like. Slightly disorientating and a little bit spicy, yet still endlessly enjoyable.

The high is immediately blissful, giving you all of those smiley, euphoric sensations that you want from a sativa-dominant strain. The lower THC content is really only noticeable when you think about how much it takes to get appropriately high. You can easily smoke a decent amount of this strain without feeling your mind shattering before you.

However, assuming you do take a decent amount of it, you will begin to notice its psychedelic effects pretty quickly. Expect an adequate quantity of transcendent visual hallucinations, with colors and moving visuals taking up your eye line. Some users also report a fair amount of auditory hallucinations, which some kind find a little bit scary.

However, Durban Poison is a fundamentally uplifting and happy strain, giving you plenty of helpful mood boosts. Smoke as much of this bud as you want to experience some really fantastic psychedelic effects that seem to go on and on.


Super potent strains Sour Diesel and OG Kush make up Headband, a lime green bud that tastes of lemon and diesel. Because it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, it uplifts without debilitating. Headband Kush has a great yield, and the high is completely medical and not too over-powering.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a member of the Girl Scout Cookies family, and its potent genetics come through at first smoke. While its THC levels vary greatly between batches, it’s safe to put Wedding Cake in the category of trippy strains.

This strain is known for its dense, chunky buds which display a lovely array of colors. The buds themselves are a sage to deep green color, which can veer into brown. The orange pistils are unusually bright, and the glitter from heavy trichome coverage is a lovely sight.

Despite its name, the aroma of Wedding Cake leans more toward tanginess than sweetness and carries an underlying spice. The smoke from Wedding Cake is expansive and can cause some users to cough. Be prepared to put Wedding Cake in your top tier of trippy strains, because it truly does deliver.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough lives up to its name. It tastes and smells of strawberries, and makes even the most experienced users cough! The high goes straight to your head, producing an uplifting cerebral high.

Gorilla’s Glue #4

This unique hybrid bud is a one of a kind cerebral hit with full body affect and an all time favorite among its high THC competitors. The Gorilla Glue hybrid is a genetics blend of Chem’s Sister crossed with Chocolate Diesel/Sour Dubb. The smoke is sweet and rich, with earthy tones both piney, and with that, a poison gasoline musk that just adds for extra promise to its potency. I even get hints of sweet lemon citrus, notes of diesel fuel, and spicy woody notes as well.


Whether you are hoping to receive blasts from the past in the form of visual memory hallucinations, or you just want to see the paint on your walls shift and morph, psychedelic effects are what you want.

Keep an eye out for these strains and see if you can experience a classic psychedelic experience yourself.

[Updated, originally published 16.12. 2017]

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