The Guide On How TO Buy Recreational Weed From Dispensaries

If you’re going to pay top dollar for an experience with legal weed, it’s wise to venture into the dispensary with a few pieces of sound advice to make your experience memorable and enjoyable. So how do you know you’re getting the good stuff?

Can you trust the reviews? Everyone has an opinion, and that’s where reviews on websites can get confusing. A thousand different people have a thousand different experience levels. Have they even consumed high-end cannabis products before to be a proper judge on the subject? How would you really know? Somebody from Tennessee will have a different knowledge base, than that of someone from say California or Colorado.

You can see where this could be confusing for YOU the consumer.

In my experience, a good portion of budtenders lack experience and/or knowledge and strictly just sell products like a sales clerk. When a budtender who hardly smokes, and doesn’t even dab is making recommendations, it can be tough to get the truth.

Flowers, Nugs and Buds

If upon opening the jar, you don’t smell a recognizable and pleasurable aroma, you aren’t going to get any taste on the tongue. The smell of cannabis is directly related to organic compounds which are called “terpenes.” These compounds carry all the aromatics that you smell when your senses experience a recognizable or familiar stench in plants and foods. These terpenes also translate over to your palate and add to pot’s effects in their own ways.

Smoking cannabis is not just about getting high—it’s the smell, the flavor and the effect combined that make cannabis special. So, if it doesn’t smell good, don’t buy it. Move along.

Appearance. If the weed looks brown, hairy and leafy, you’re not going to have a good time. Make sure it’s got some life to it—those bright and rich colors. That’s not to say some duller golden colors can’t be fire, but as a rule, make sure it doesn’t look like it’s been stored in a coffee can since the ’60s.

Next, Look for trichrome coverage. Believe it or not, those little shiny crystals are the only thing that contain the smell, flavor and the cannabinoids that get you high, not the leaves or hairs. Make sure its caked in trichomes. These days, you don’t have to go far to find a decent grower to get some quality frosty smoke.

Dryness. This is a tough one, because I’ve smoked dry buds that were plenty flavorful and enjoyable, but most of the time, it’s safe to say that dry is not good.

If the weed is turning into dust at the bottom of the jar, that could be a great indicator that it is very resinous and likely potent cannabis, but could also mean that it was dried very fast.

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Packaging. Prepackaged stuff can sometimes be a gamble. Are they weighing it up in front of you? I’ve heard folks being satisfied with what was in the display jar, but upon return home, opening the container and seeing a different picture—small larfy bottom, trim-worthy containers passed off with the notion it will be some nice solid nugs.

Hash, BHO, Rosin and Bubble

The same rules apply with hash, for the most part.

1. Aroma is key. I can’t stress this enough—it must have an attractive bright smell to it, an odor that almost make your eyes water. It goes to say, if you want the fire hash, it’s got to smell great. Period.

Not to say I haven’t had decent stuff that wasn’t exactly “loud” upon opening, but it’s just that, decent. Not, “WOW, this stuff is incredible,” which is what we want you to have. Use your senses to pick out a winner.

2. Appearance. What you want to look for in the color of extracts is creamy, clear golden, gold, yellow, electric orange and light amber to make sure it’s going to be quality. Amber can occasionally be acceptable tones, but in most cases, anything with a brown shade to it, isn’t very good. It’s usually trim run or very old unpreserved trim and buds turned into hash.

Look below at acceptable colors for optimum quality.

On the left, you see vibrant colors in these examples of flower rosin, BHO, PHO and hash rosin. To the right, you will see the amber shades, which usually are not as flavorful as the others, but can hold some desirable qualities in effect.

Water Hash, or “Bubble Hash,” can be extremely tasty and still carry the amber/brown shades. View the picture below to see an example.

With that being said, the brown/amber rule does not apply in the case of water extractions. In this case, you want to follow your nose to make sure you get some flavorful bubble. Also, observe the appearance. It should look shiny and greasy, if you want melty water hash. Usually the dryer, sandy stuff doesn’t hold enough of the oily properties to be considered “dabbable,” if that’s what you prefer.

Typically, a star system is set in place to give you a guide to its purity and meltiness and to help you select the right stuff.

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