The Guide To Smoke Cannabis In Public Under The Radar

Keep reading to find out how you can stay stoned on the go without the paranoia that can go along with it. We show you our ways we smoke weed in public.

Staying Stoned On The Go…

Whether from necessity or for convenience, there are many reasons that one may wish to smoke in public. Unfortunately, even places where marijuana is now legal won’t allow marijuana to be smoked in public. This is highly impractical and impossible for even the most homebound stoners to adhere too.

For on the go stoners with busy schedules or those whose jobs require them to travel, getting away with getting high in public is a necessity. But none of us want to get caught up with law enforcement or impose on the public so… Keep reading to find out how you can stay stoned on the go without the paranoia that can go along with it.

Limit The Paraphernalia On You.

Paraphernalia like pipes and bongs should be kept at home. This is especially true for larger glass pieces. Not only do large glass pieces draw a lot of attention to you, bringing them on public excursions is just a broken piece and sad day waiting to happen. Having a bong on you also makes it impossible to deny the fact that you are smoking weed if you are confronted. Often times if caught smoking in public, law enforcement will confiscate the bong or glass piece. This is a hassle that is best left avoided.

When on the go, I make sure I do not have any grinders, pipes, bongs, or anything else that may have cannabis residue on it. Perhaps I am just paranoid but you can never be too careful. If you just cannot go without your weed paraphernalia than make sure you have a smell proof smoking case so that you do not reek like your gear.

Joints are your friend.

When smoking in public, joints are the best way to blend into the environment. Joints have the advantage of visibly blending in because they look similar to cigarettes from far away. They also can be ditched very quickly if you are confronted.

Joints also allow you to only bring enough weed to be smoked in one sitting. This means that after you are finished getting high you can relax stress-free in public due to not carrying any marijuana on your person. Be careful of smoking that joint anywhere though as joints produce the most smell and usually some clouds.
The smell of a joint can be serious if you smoking on some loud strain so be wary of this. Try to find a spot a little bit away from the public so if you need some time to ditch that j, you have it.

But Small Cheap Pieces Are Okay.

A small one hitter or glass pipe can be an excellent way to discreetly smoke in public. Though they are paraphernalia small glass pipes and one-hitters are affordable enough that they can be ditched in order to avoid detection if need be.

There are also one-hitters that are disguised to look like a small cigarette, helping you to blend in better. One-hitters and small pipes also have the advantage of creating less smoke than joints and therefore also creating less smell.

Vaporizers – The Best of Both Worlds

The most discreet way to smoke in public is with a small personal handheld vaporizer. Vaporizers have the advantage of being discrete like joints and produces even less smell than a one hitter or pipe.

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With e-cigs becoming more prevalent and more popular, small personal vapes are often assumed by others to just be e-cigs as well. I have gotten away with taking a few hits off a vaporizer between classes at the university multiple times. There are many kinds of vaporizers available that can vaporize anything from hash oil to bud. Wax pens which are designed for use with concentrates are usually the smallest and most concealable. They also produce the less smell than many dry herb vaporizers do. In addition to being more discreet, vaporizers are also better for your health than smoking marijuana.


Besides how you choose to get high in public, where you choose to get high is an important factor. When smoking in public it is best to find a place that is out of view. Parks are filled with little nooks and crannies perfect for sparking up a joint or snapping a bowl.

In urban areas side alleys and streets are another safe option. The most important thing to remember is to not linger and stay in a spot for too long. If you choose to use a vaporizer almost any location will do as long as you are not indoors. I have vaped oil in outside restaurants, on the beach and at festivals without anyone noticing it was cannabis.

Two Is Company and Three’s a Crowd (Sometimes)

The larger the group you have with you in public, the more likely it is that you are going to be caught. When there are more than three people trying to smoke in public, it almost always seems to end up attracting attention. If you do have a larger crowd make sure to light up some cigarettes amongst you so it looks like you all having a ciggie break together and not suspiciously all smoking one j.

The old saying two is company and three’s a crowd is certainly true in this instance. When smoking with a bigger group in public it is very important to make sure you are not visible. It is best to keep group smoking sessions to large open parks or places that do not have many people walking around.

Leave Your Extra Weed at Home

I know it is nice to always be prepared, but carrying more weed than you are going to smoke in one sitting while away from home is an unnecessary risk.
If you are caught smoking any extra marijuana will be seen as confirmation that you were smoking and will most likely be confiscated or worse.

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