The Marvel Universe Has Legalized Marijuana

The Marvel Universe wants to prove just how cool it can be with modern fans – and what better way to do that than by legalizing marijuana? Yes, weed just got legalized in Marvel Comics, and it’s all thanks to Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin! As seen in the latest issue of Daredevil, Fisk is trying to adjust to his role as New York City’s mayor – and it is not going well. Fisk finds himself having dinner with New York’s most powerful elite, and tries to meet them on equal level as they discuss his new marijuana legalization initiative.

Of course, this being The Kingpin, liberal progression or comprehensive criminal form aren’t his true motivating factors for making weed legal – surprise surprise, it’s just an old crook’s new scheme, with a legalized face painted on it. As Fisk explains:

“I have the land for growing. I have the world’s best people to cultivate it. The biggest hurdle has been to ensure that the licensing department’s rules for selling approval fall in my favor and no one else’s. But it’s gone smoothly so far.”

Unfortunately for poor Wilson, taming the economic and political shot-callers of New York seems like it’s going to be way more savage than seizing control of the criminal underworld. The wealthy elites openly mock Fisk during the dinner, even though several of them profess to willingness to stand behind the initiative to legalize weed. One man, Tyrone, is downright gleeful in his contempt for Fisk, mocking everything form Wilson’s class (or lackthereof), to his political ambitions, to personal jabs at his size.


As you might expect, The Kingpin can only keep up the mask of being a respectable and law-abiding political figure so long. Wilson excuses himself from the table to use the bathroom during dinner, and keeps his calm composure despite hearing the mocking insults traded behind his back. However, when Tyrone corners him in the bathroom and won’t let up, Fisk snaps and brutally beats the powerful magnate to death.

So, it’s probably a good thing that weed is going to be decriminalized in the Marvel Universe, because Wilson Fisk is probably going need a steady supply of it, if he hopes to maintain his chill enough to make it in political office. In all seriousness though: Marvel has never been one to shy away from incorporate new and changing world circumstances into its universe, and with the big changes in New York marijuana laws in the last few years, this is a nice little update, that’s being introduced in a clever and intriguing way.


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