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The Rules Of Weed Dealer Etiquette

Living in a non-legalized state, you don’t want to attempt finding decent cannabis just anywhere, especially somewhere as incriminating as the internet. There are plenty out there who are less than honest, and you can end up losing more than you gain. My advice is generally to stay away from bad dealers, even if you’re desperate for a smoke. It’s almost never worth making the trip to your less than trustworthy ganja dealer. So, if he (or she) doesn’t have any of the traits below, count your losses and start looking for a new dealer!

Doesn’t rip you off

Your dealer shouldn’t be stingy with every bag they give you. If you plan on buying larger quantities, invest in a scale. You don’t want to get screwed on quantities and not all dealers are trust worthy. The more discreet the better.

Never runs out

Sometimes, you may need to re-up last minute. With this in mind, it’s best to find a dealer that is stocked at all times.

He lets you sample

A good weed dealer will get excited about the products he stocks, and therefore will let you sample them. Weed dealers can usually afford to spare a couple of grams from time to time, and he should let you sample new strains before you go buying an ounce. The same is true for other marijuana products that he keeps in stock.

If it is bad weed, he gives you more

A good dealer understands that honesty and loyalty are important for keeping a regular clientele.

Doesn’t hit on his clients

That’s surefire way to lose clients. Drug dealers are people too, but most customers don’t like to be reminded of this.

He calls you back

It’s not really cool if a dealer misses your call and doesn’t call you back. It’s almost like a sign he doesn’t respect the benjamins in your pocket. He should care enough about his “business” to call you back, which means you don’t have to call him a bunch of times.

Has more than one strain to choose from

Your dealer should have a variety of strains. This way, you can discover what works and what doesn’t.

The price is consistent

There’s definitely something shady going on if his prices are constantly changing. Especially if you can tell that there isn’t really any difference between the weed you bought last time and the weed you’re buying this time.

Try being on time.

Dealers are rarely on time, and you can’t blame ’em. They’re either delivering on foot to your location or caught up with a deal that was to be filled before yours. And they are likely on stoner time. Dealers are humans too, so be patient.

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