The Science Behind Cannabis and Mango

Mangoes and marijuana are a match made in heaven. Mango has been scientifically proven to make the effects of marijuana last longer and in some cases, even be stronger. The terpene  that is responsible for the mango having its particular smell is called myrcene. So, as you can imagine, this fruit is plentiful in the terpene myrcene. Cannabis also happens to contain high volumes of myrcene, so mangoes and marijuana plants have this in common.

A study once conducted in Switzerland showed that of all the terpenes present in each plant, myrcene was the most prevalent. The fact that mangoes and cannabis have this in common becomes the basis for why they are a match made in heaven.

How to get a more intense high with mango

Myrcene has the quality of being anti-inflammatory, and so does THC. So, it is no surprise then that this terpene has the ability to enhance some of the reasons we love to use marijuana. When myrcene is ingested into the human body, it has the ability to alter the blood-brain barrier, making it more permeable. Essentially, it can clear the pathways through cell membranes all throughout the human body, making it much easier for the body to receive all of the cannabinoids. Therefore, mangoes make the whole body and brain more receptive to the cannabinoids present in marijuana. Myrcene can also allow cannabinoids to enter faster, meaning the effects are felt quicker. This is exactly why medical marijuana patients are also recommended to take their cannabis with a fruit-rich diet. The most important one is, obviously, the mango!

Depending on what you want to get out of your marijuana experience, we have some advice for you. Test out the effect of mangoes on smoking weed by starting with one mango. An hour later, enjoy some weed. See if you notice a difference in the effect of your high. If you consider yourself to have a faster metabolism, then try two mangoes before consuming cannabis. If you are the kind of person for whom everything moves a little more slowly, try having three to four mangoes.

If you are preparing a cannabis session to put you to sleep, then it is a great idea to mix your mangoes with milk (into some kind of smoothie). Milk has the ability to make your high more mellow and is great right before bed. Two to four mangoes with milk into a smoothie is the best way to prepare for a goodnight smoking session.

You might be preparing for a night out with your friends, in which case you want to stay away from using milk. You can still make a beverage by blending them with ice or with any other drink you like to mix with mangoes. It doesn’t really matter how you prepare them in this case, so long as you stay away from mixing them with dairy products.

Always allow at least an hour and half after eating or drinking the mangoes before consuming cannabis. This gives the myrcene a chance to work its way through the body and take effect. When you use cannabis after this, the experience will be stronger and longer lasting.

Other great reasons to eat mangoes with weed

Aside from making your cannabis experience more enjoyable, mangoes also offer your body a multitude of health benefits. Your body will thank you for the many other nutrients that the mango provides!

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and C and are extremely high in copper. Mangoes are a method of cancer prevention, they alkalize the stomach and body, lower cholesterol and can even aid in areas such as concentration and memory.

So there you have it, there is more than one reason to eat mangoes while you are consuming cannabis!

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