The Short History of Cheese Strains

Originating from one single pack of female seeds cultivated in 1988, the origins of Cheese cannabis strains is perhaps the most modest of all.

In 1988, a pack of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 was opened by a cultivator in South East England. Once finished, many noticed that one of the plants had a totally unique aroma that was unlike anything these breeders had experienced before. This plant also had much larger buds than the other plants in the grow. This plant was very quickly cloned and distributed around the UK underground scene.

Around 1995 a Cheese clone was passed on to Exodus, an alternative community living in Haz Hall on the edges of Luton. Exodus organised free parties, championed the legalisation of cannabis, grew cannabis themselves and protected each other from the law. They also started CANABIS (Campaign Against Narcotic Abuse Because of Ignorance in Society). Because of all the people that passed through the Exodus community many clones were handed out to visitors and the strain continued to grow in notoriety.

For many years Cheese has passed around an underground network of growers in the UK, helped by Exodus and others, until one clone came into the hands of the Big Buddha. The Big Buddha realized its importance and set about crossing the clone with a suitable father. This he found in a traditional landrace, pure-bred Afghani that a friend had brought back from Afghanistan during travels in that area.

The result is a strain that takes 8 – 10 weeks to flower and is consistently a much better yielder than the original Cheese, Its potent, long-lasting and Indica aroma of Cheese is something like a real cheese.

Of course there is far more than taste to Cheese cannabis. The presence of resin which cover the flowers of this fine genotype is thick. The buzz it produces is quite strong and has a tendency to make someone lively or lose some inhibitions. It is a strong kick that has been known to also sometimes give someone a sense of clarity and clear-mindedness. Once it settles down, the person can actually settle into a restful and relaxed sleep. The aspect of Cheese cannabis is languorous, with far reaching branches and thin stems, a genetic trait of its Skunk #1 ancestry, and the buds it delivers are solid and abundant.

However, what is essential is that this strain delights everyone that has the ability to check it out on account of its sweet taste, sufficient highs and the general pleasant mood it delivers.

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