The Things That Most Definitely Happened to You The First Time You Smoked Pot

I think no one can forget the first time he smoked pot. This is one of those experiences that stays with you entire life. Maybe you knew what you are doing but most people didn’t. So here is the list of most common thing that happened to you while smoking pot for the first time.

You got too high…

Your first experience with weed was probably shared with acquaintance who smoked weed for long time. Maybe you acted like you knew what you are doing…

The edibles took you out

You do remember the moment you ate the edible, and then it was nothing for a loong time, until it was like take me to the hospital moment…

Going out into the public

Going out in publick. can be intense but not as much as the time you first got high and decided to go to the movie…

You didn’t get high

Se this one is nothing strange, you aren’t alone. You should know that, most people don’t get high when smoking for the first time. You had little experience of what you where doing…

You got the munchies

You still still get the munchies. But after your first smoking of pot, they were more intense…

You held your puffs in way longer than you actualy needed to

Its a good chance someone told you to hold it in, or you figured this might get you higher. As a result, you coughed a lung up.

Driving was like an adventure of its own

Driving was like going on roller coaster in slow motion, or playing a video game…

Pot bits made it onto your tongue

S you tasted the weed for the first time too…

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