These Are 8 of The Strongest Cannabis Strains on Planet in 2018 Or so Far

The jury is out on how accurate the inspection of cannabis really is when it comes to THC numbers. But with classics and newer school blends all co-existing in harmonywhen it comes to measuring potency, the strains I love vary from grower to grower and from each dispensary I visit. Already there have been some pretty impressive new kids on the block when it comes to the strongest strains on the planet. But regardless of what the labels say there is truly only one real way to know for sure… and that is to smoke them all.

But before you do that here is a list to help you narrow down the strongest strains on the planet in 2018.

Snoop’s Dream Cannabis Strain

Snoop’s Dream is named after the Godfather of Cannabis, Snoop Dogg so you know it’s legit. Not to mention being bred with my personal favorite, Blue Dream, and Master Kush. This indica-dominant hybrid lives up to all its high expectations. Covered in pretty orange hairs the bud has a woody aftertaste and a heady high. But this is not for the beginner smoker with some variations of this strain testing THC as high as 25%.

Lemon Head Cannabis Strain

This is a blend that features Faceoff OG. Named after the 1997 Nicholas Cage and John Travolta classic, Faceoff (where John Travolta literally steals Cage’s face). It has also been said that the high that’s experienced from smoking this strain can be compared to actually “losing your face” because of the tingling sensations and dizzying head high. Infusing this with a Lemon lineage of cannabis is the perfect way to breath new life into a strain from the 90’s reserved for longtime smokers. The Lemon G of the combination adds a zesty energy to the high that might normally leave you stuck. Although not a pure Sativa the combination of the two offers a good balance for pain relief or just general relaxation. Lemon head has levels of THC that are approximately 22%.

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

This solid Sativa possesses a sweet smelling quality a hit of this helps with productivity and won’t leave you glued to the couch. Perfect for exploring nature or working out. Some have described this as the “espresso of cannabis” due to the effect it has on leaving its smokers with high energy and a little extra pep in their step. Durban Poison measures in at 23% THC.

Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain

A mix up of that Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison this strain tastes exactly how you would expect it too. With hints of fruity aromas and berry flavors, it’s got a calming quality when you smoke it. Cherry Pie makes for a giggly high and is perfect for the movies or brunch. Its fruity components will compliment the fun vibes you will get since the high allows you to still be sociable. This strain is perfect for fueling the imagination too. Its THC levels are approximately 21.8%.

ChemDawg Cannabis Strain

Chemdawg is a popular and pungent strain that has quickly become a staple for many. Measuring in at a hefty 28.2% THC, it’s a hybrid of Sour Diesel and OG Kush and undeniably one of the strongest strains on the planet. Beware of the stinkiness of this strain– like most Diesels it’s easy to catch a whiff of from far away. This strain delivers a full body high so prepare to feel all the feels after smoking this.

Rude Boi Cannabis Strain

Rude Boi isn’t just for Rihanna anymore. Coming in strong at 26.9% THC this blend hails from the South East regions of Atlanta. This strain is named after it’s the original grower “Rude Boi.” This strain includes components of OG Kush, Irene OG, and Faceoff OG to offer the perfect trifecta of sophisticated smoking. Smoking this potent blend will trigger nostalgia of dankness and memories of all things “old-school.”

Irish Cream Cannabis Strain

This Indica is raised by Mighty Irish Seeds crossbreeding Real McCoy with Cookies and Cream. It stems from a blend of Girl Scout Cookies. One can expect the same full-body mellow and cerebral high. With an indica-heavy smoothness, Irish Cream will have you high af . Expect a sticky melty feeling combined with a sweet and earthy flavor. But like most real McCoys it will leave you carefree too. This strain has THC levels of approximately 27.1%.

White Tahoe Cookies Cannabis Strain

White Tahoe Cookies is the one to watch in 2018. Originally grown by @Kush4Breakfast and distributed through Archive Seed Bank. This strain is a blend of The White, Tahoe OG and Girl Scout Cookies. Perfect for sedating a racing anxious mind giving off a citrus flavor offset by a skunkier taste. Expect to see this nug up and down the West Coast. With THC levels coming in at 27.15%, it’s safe to say this is one of the strongest strains on the planet.

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