These are the Hotest Marijuana Strains on the Planet Right Now

The best weed strains are cultivated with care and cured to perfection so they smell and taste amazing. Not to mention they’ll make you feel incredible. We’re clearly passionate about the best weed strains, so check out this list of the tastiest, most aromatic, and amazing buds on the planet.

Indica Strains

Mmm. Sweet and sleepy indica. These best weed strains are enjoyed at night for their relaxing, “body high” effects. Great for anxiety, insomnia, or just chilling out and watching Netflix, indicas are known to lock people to the couch. We’ve collected some of the chilliest and tastiest indicas for whatever your reason.

Northern Lights Cannabis strain

Possibly one of the most famous strains on the planet, this pure indica has a sweet and spicy aroma. Northern Lights is known to relax the muscles and promote sleep as well as a dream-like bliss. The buds on these babies are covered in crystals, tantalizing orange hairs, and sometimes purple hues.

Willy’s Wonder cannabis strain

Sometimes known as William’s Wonder, this classic indica is known for its citrus and tropical aroma. Possibly one of the best weed strains period, this colorful bud has been grown since the 1980s. After tasting sweet and sour, Willy’s Wonder will relax you possibly to the point of putting you to bed, for dreams as sweet as you feel.

Granddaddy Purple

Another legendary indica, Granddaddy Purple is obviously famous for its color. But this indica is so much more than a pretty face. For one, it’s strong. With about 20 percent THC, it’s great for pain, insomnia, and depression. Plus, it has an intricate fruity grape aroma and its buds are covered in sweet, sugar-like resin.

Kosher Kush

This award-winning indica is one of the strongest strains we have on this list, testing over 29 percent THC. Kosher Kush has an earthy yet fruity smell and tastes even better. This is one of the best weed strains for intense pain relief, relaxation, or to help you sleep. It’ll put you to bed softer than any sleeping pill.

Sativa: The Best Cannabis Strains

If indica is down, sativa is definitely up. These weed strains are categorized as being uplifting; best for an active, productive, or daytime experience, like going on a hike or to a party. Sativas have also been known to stimulate creativity, focus, and arousal. Check out our picks for sativa: the best weed strains.

Alaskan Thunderfuck

Sometimes known as ATF, this sativa is DTF you up. It’s one of the best cannabis strains for sex, energy, and feeling creative. Alaskan Thunderfuck’s buds are big, coated in resin, and have a strong pine-lemon smell that’s skunky and almost minty all at the same time. It will invigorate your mind and appetite, no doubt.

Jack Herer cannabis strain

Named after one of the most influential cannabis activists of all-time, Jack Herer is certainly one of the best weed strains on the planet, period. The high is euphoric, clear-headed and uplifting. Many use this strain to wake and bake as well as for creativity and focus. Plus, it has an invigorating, piney aroma that will make you want to get up and go.

Tangie cannabis strain

This award-winning strain was named Tangie because it smells just like a sweet and juicy tangerine. It also tastes delicious, sweet, and very citrusy with a herbal quality as you exhale. After the sweet taste fades, Tangie provides an upbeat and slightly silly high that relaxes the body as well as the mind.

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Strawberry Cough cannabis strain

While we’re on a fruity kick, we can’t forget Strawberry Cough on our list of best weed strains. This sweet sativa was named after its strawberry aroma and ability to make even the most experienced user cough. The effects of this bad girl will leave a smile on your face, making it great for anxiety or going to a party.

Green Crack cannabis strain

One of the most famous of the best weed strains, this sativa will keep you going. Green Crack is famous for being one of the most energy-inducing highs that helps people focus, making it great for daytime use and depression. Plus, it has a fabulous fruity flavor that’s reminiscent of mangos.

Golden Goat cannabis strain

This potent sativa tests between 18 and 23 percent THC and has a powerful sour lemon smell. Golden Goat is definitely a daytime use strain that makes people energized, upbeat and smiley. It’s great for mental stimulation and depression and is known to produce positive energy.

Hybrid: The Best Weed Strains

Hybrids are the best of both worlds. Although most of what we smoke today can be considered a hybrid, these best weed strains are the crème-de-la-crème of cross breeds. A mix between sativa and indica, my two favorite things, check out our top 5 best weed strains: hybrid edition.

White Widow cannabis strain

Not only is White Widow one of the best weed strains, it’s also one of the most famous. Its effects are euphoric and energetic, great for socializing or being creative. Plus, it has beautiful buds which are covered in crystal resin. This hybrid has a pungent, earthy, and woody aroma that will wake up your senses before you even smoke.

Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis strain

This award-winning strain earned its way to the top of the best weed strains list. It’s so relaxing, it literally makes you feel “glued” to the couch in a euphoric high. Gorilla Glue #4’s earthy and sour smelling buds are sticky because they’re covered in resin. Plus, this bad boy clocks in at 25 percent THC or higher, so it’s bound to chill you out.

This bad boy was named Trainwreck because of its high THC levels, sometimes testing at 25 percent THC. It smells sweet and lemony at the same time as spicy and piney. Its high is intense, euphoric, and relaxing. Trainwreck is one of the best weed strains for migraines, pain, and arthritis as well as anxiety, ADD, and PTSD.

This sour hybrid is great because of its high percentage of CBD. Sour Tsunami has a 1:1 ratio of THC: CBD, giving it a mellow high that’s great for treating anxiety, pain, and inflammation. The buds have a musky, diesel smell because of its Sour Diesel heritage and can be dark green, almost purple in color.

GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) cannabis strain

No list of best weed strains would be complete without the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, now known as GSC for legal reasons. This hybrid can be strong with as much as 28 percent THC. GSC has a sweet and earthy aroma and produces cerebral euphoria at the same time as full body relaxation, making it the ultimate hybrid.

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