This 27 year old Guy gets paid $175 an hour to roll joints

Greenhand, 27, is the mastermind behind the Instagram account Smokeable Art (@tonygreenhand), a page dedicated to the world’s most intricate joints designed almost exclusively with two ingredients: marijuana and rolling papers.

He’s rolled everything from smokeable Statue of Liberty replicas to running shoes, Pikachu’s and gold chains.

Greenhand once rolled a smokable replica of an AK-47 gun, which contained eight ounces of marijuana, and sold for about $7,000. It took him 40 hours to create.

“I basically jump out of bed and I start rolling joints, too. I make coffee, and I start rolling, and while my coffees being made I’m like ‘lets do it’.” Says Greenhand in a video profile by Vocativ. “I am considered one of the best joint rollers in the world. I rarely think about it like that because, you know, I feel like that just sounds so…ridiculous.”

But Greenhand’s occupation isn’t as ridiculous as it seems. Marijuana is now legal (in some form) in 29 states, two territories, and D.C. The marijuana industry is going to be worth a projected $13.3 billion by the year 2020. This industry has opened the doors for countless new entrepreneurs who previously remained underground, operating in the black market out of necessity. From glass blowers to marijuana growers to joint rollers, a number of seemingly idyllic jobs that once seemed unrealistic as a legal business are now getting their time in the entrepreneurial spotlight.

Greenhand’s work is also extraordinarily unique—a cross between art, and a functional smoking product. While he remains humble about his craft, Greenhand’s work caters to a wide market of marijuana enthusiasts, some looking for decorative art and others looking for a once-in-a-lifetime smoking experience. In 2016, Tony rolled what might have been the largest joint in the world, weighing in at 4.2 pounds, worth about $10,000, requiring a hose to properly smoke.

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“Having people be so enthusiastic about my work though is probably the best feeling.” He says in the video. “Maybe people can relate. You ever cook a meal, where people have just been like, ‘Suzy, those barbecue ribs were to die for.’ Its kind of like that, except for, it’s like they’re eating ribs for the first time and only you can make them.” For all of his modesty, Greenhand’s analysis rings true.

Maybe this is the moral of the Greenhand story: be yourself and spend time working on what you love, whether or not it’s accepted by society at large. Eventually, you could be making a profitable living by smoking weed, rolling joints, and generally, just being chill.

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