This Is How Much Cannabis $10 Will Buy You Around The Globe

For frequent marijuana users who like to travel, buying weed in different parts of the world can be a jarring experience. If you’re coming from a country like Canada where weed is plentiful, cheap and available in professionally run dispensaries, it can be frustrating when your only option abroad is a sketchy dude selling brown stuff for $30 a gram. Alternatively, if you’re coming from a prohibitionist country, cheap, high-quality weed might be the very reason for travel. Either way, it’s best to educate yourself on weed prices and quality before you go abroad, both to avoid the heartbreak, and to proactively locate global marijuana hotspots.

Here’s what you can buy around the world for $10:

Netherlands: 2 grams of cannabis

Despite its reputation as a global marijuana hub, weed is not actually legal in the Netherlands. The laws can be kind of fuzzy here, and the chances that you’ll get hassled for smoking a joint are slim. If you want to be safe, citizens can legally consume marijuana in certain coffee shops. Weeds cultural status in the Netherlands does mean it’s extremely cheap to purchase. If you’re paying more than $5 per gram, you’re buying from the wrong person.

South Africa: 2 grams of cannabis

Marijuana is illegal in South Africa, both recreationally and medically. But these laws appear to be on their way out, due to widespread support for legal cannabis. In any occasion, it isn’t too difficult to find and the prices are good. The price of weed will vary depending on where you go in South Africa, but if you’re in Johannesburg, you can usually find 2 grams of marijuana for $10.

Japan: 0.25 grams of cannabis

Like many Asian countries, weed is not especially popular in Japan. This probably has something to do with the country’s draconian drug laws, that can put users behind bars for up to five years for simple possession of marijuana. Needless to say, the weed isn’t flowing here.

England: 1.2 grams of cannabis

Weed is a predictably popular drug in England, and therefore the prices are pretty level with what one might expect coming from the U.S. Unfortunately, drug laws in England still lag behind those in many U.S. states. A recent campaign, for example, encourages people to report people who use marijuana in their homes (purportedly to prevent house fires). Still, the weed prices here are fair. You probably won’t find too many dispensaries, though. Just look for the dude in a Bob Marley shirt on the street corner.

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Chile: 0.5 grams of cannabis

Weed can be surprisingly expensive in Chile, considering the comparatively lower price of other, traditionally expensive drugs. Chile is also home to the highest per-capita use of marijuana in Latin America. Private consumption of marijuana (in your own home) is allowed, though public consumption is still illegal. If you’re looking to smoke up in Chile, be prepared to spend $20 on a single gram. Like most Latin American countries, if you can speak Spanish—and avoid looking too much like a tourist—you might be able to get a cheaper deal. Otherwise, I’m sorry to say; you’re going to pay gringo prices.

USA: 0.8 grams (on average) of cannabis

This is a tough one because every state is different. In Washington for example, where recreational marijuana is legal, $10 could get you as much as three grams (if you find the right dispensary, though it’ll be lower end product). In prohibitionist states, though, sometimes weed can go for as much as $20 for one gram. Your experience is liable to vary. For this reason, we’ve averaged it out to 0.8 grams for $10. However, you can almost always expect to pay $10 per gram no matter what state you’re in.

4. Canada: 1.25 grams of cannabis

Oh Canada, the land of the high and polite. By 2018, Canada will become the second country in the entire world to fully legalize marijuana (next to Uruguay). As you can imagine, weed is extremely plentiful in Canada. Similar to the legal U.S. states, like Washington, $10 can buy you as much as three grams in Canada. But some provinces are more weed friendly than others. British Columbia is home to the cheapest, and highest quality bud in the country. If you’re in rural Saskatchewan, however, good luck.

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