This is Why Everyone Should Grow Their Own Cannabis

Growing marijuana is an on-going learning experience. All types of resources are widely available, other than tens of available avenues that a newbie grower can look into; books, magazines, in-person growing communities like Zenpype community , etc.

Regardless of whether the country you live in allows it or not, nowadays, growing cannabis has become increasingly more accepted within society. There are many reasons why you should consider growing your own cannabis. In this post, you’ll find out our favourites!



Is growing weed worth it? It’s actually the number one reason why a stoner would start growing her/his own weed, and it’s absolutely true. You’ll save money growing your own cannabis. You can start growing cannabis with a budget of any size, and the cost difference between buying cannabis flowers outright vs. growing them yourself is often substantial. Most plants produce about an ounce of cannabis flowers (after drying/curing) and with a controlled indoor growing system you can manage several successful crops each year.


Even if you are living where it’s legal, finding good quality cannabis can be difficult. Good sht or bad sht, most of the time, you just pay and get that bag of weed. Which can be frustrating for some people, especially for those who use it for specific reasons like medical purposes.

By growing your own weed, you will know exactly what you’re eventually getting. You will guaranteed organic buds with no chemical fertilizers and certainly doesn’t taste like chemicals when you smoke it, like some of the cheap low quality weed taste like.

Growing your own weed will provide you with a complete control on every aspect of the growing process, furthermore developing a system that works for you. The type of strain, fertilizers, pesticides, how the plant was flushed and cured, and variety of possible strains that you never had the chance to try.

You will also harvest your cannabis plant at the right time, something which is not often done in the commercial market. Growing your own cannabis is done, for you, so you care more about the quality of the end product. The best weed you will ever smoke will be your own home grown.


This may actually be the most important reason of all.

If you enjoy doing something, it will always give you great pleasure, and you will begin to view difficulties as stimulating opportunities. Growing any kind of plant is fun, but growing a marijuana plant is amazing. One of our top 5 reasons to grow your own weed, is the fact that is an amazing hobby that most people will love, once they have started.

Seeing your plant growing in front of you, handling it with care and love, harvest it, dry it, trim it, then smoke it, is immensely rewarding. It’s some good low stress hobby that, trust me, you will want to do forever. It’s very calming, relaxing and definitely a fulfilling experience.

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Another perk you will get from growing your own weed as a hobby is the sudden interest you’ll have to cultivate more than just marijuana, it can be a lifestyle. It’s also a life skill that you will have in your personal life accomplishments whether or not you continue to grow your own cannabis or not.


As so much information is available today, you can explore many different aspects of growing cannabis following your inclination and curiosity. From plant physiology and taxonomy to training and hydroponics, you won’t soon run out of topics to explore.

The whole process of learning and growing your own marijuana creates a much deeper relationship with your plants, you won’t only appreciate smoking the weed, but the whole experience and the end result a lot more.

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