Throw a Kick Ass 420 Party

On April 20th stoners from all over the world will be sparking up in celebration. Bringing their joints, pipes, and bongs to local rally’s in support of cannabis legalization. Throwing a cannabis-only 420 party can show your friends how weed enhances social situations if you do it right. From strains to music, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to host a kickass and memorable 420 party.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure your house is adept for smoking tons of marijuana in. If you live in an apartment or condo where you normally don’t smoke pot in I’d choose a different location. Pick a friends house that’s 420 friendly to keep the good vibes going.

Play Chill Music

Don’t go overboard on loud, dance music, especially in the first couple hours of your 420 party. Pick a few good playlists on your favourite music service or make your own to keep the good vibes in the air!

Mmmm Fooood

Without fail there will be hungry mouths to feed, and if you don’t got munchies there might be a mutiny. Stock up on quick snacks and foods to keep everyone satisfied before the inevitable pizza gets ordered.

Hydration Station

Nobody wants smoke a bunch of weed and not have beverages to get rid of those pasties. Mango juice is chalk full of Myrcene, which will increase your high. At the very least have enough clean cups for water!

Have an Activity Planned

Having a game or other activity for guests to participate in can really break the ice at a 420 party. Something low-key and optional is a fun and easy way to get the group warmed up and engaged, especially if not everyone knows each other. Be sure to keep the drinks alcohol-free though. Mixing the two substances all night can make people tired and dizzy.

Cannabis Mocktails

If you really want to surprise your guests at your 420 party, serve cannabis mocktails. They can be made in a variety of ways, like by adding a tincture or other drinkables to a tasty punch. Plus, they can help make everyone feel comfortable.

Bake Some Edibles

Speaking of variety, having baked cannabis edibles is always a great choice. Whether you purchase or make them yourself having some medibles will spice up the party.

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