Tips For When, Where, And How To Consume Cannabis

the proper etiquette for consuming cannabis may still be unclear for some.

Is it OK to smoke a joint on the balcony at a friend’s party? What about at family gatherings? Will guests be uncomfortable if the host uses a vaporizer in the living room?

Lizzie Post, an etiquette expert and co-president of the Emily Post Institute, shares her tips for pot politeness in the era of legalization.

Hosting an event

When it comes to hosting an event inside your home, Post says communication is most important.

If you would prefer guests to refrain from consuming cannabis indoors, or even outside, Post suggests messaging them ahead of time to let them know it will be a “cannabis-free party” or something to that effect.

Alternatively, if you know that marijuana will be consumed at your gathering and you’re OK with it, Post recommends letting guests know beforehand they might be exposed to it – especially if they’re a new friend.

Like alcohol, consuming cannabis and driving will be illegal so Post said hosts should pay close attention to their guests. She said in these instances, safety always supersedes etiquette.

“If we need to take keys or drive someone home for the night or ask them to stay the night at our place, I think that’s always a priority,” she said.

Attending a gathering

Post said it’s always good practice to ask your host ahead of time if they approve of cannabis use inside or outside of their home. She likened it to second-hand smoke, which can affect others in attendance.

“Ask your host and make sure that they’re comfortable with it before you just light up,” she advised.

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Family events

Consuming marijuana at family gatherings is really dependent on your family, Post said. Some families are accepting of it and even consume it together, she said.

“For others, it’s not going to be the right fit and you’re going to know better than anybody where your family stands on the issue and what would be respectful to them in their homes and during the occasion,” she said.

How to consume cannabis

Because smoking or vaping marijuana can impact others nearby – as opposed to edibles – Post said to be extra aware of that when consuming cannabis in that form. However, she also said there’s no one method that is considered more “polite” than others and marijuana users should just be cognizant of those around them.

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