Tips to Help your Little Clone Grow Big and Strong

Taking cuttings – nothing could be simpler – take a pair of scissors, cut some tips off a plant, place the cut tips into a medium and away they go, right? Wrong. Okay, then take a pair of scissors, cut some tips off a plant, place the tips in a propagator and away they go, right? Sorry, wrong again. While the steps are correct, there is much more to consider to ensure success with cuttings. 

What’s special about cloning cannabis is that the clone will have the same genetics as the parent. This means that the new plant will have identical qualities and characteristics. If you take a clone from a female, you will know for sure that the new plant will be female too. If you have a favourite cannabis plant with qualities that you like, such as a great taste, good potency or yield, you can grow dozens of free copies of this plant.

Cloning cannabis means that you can preserve your best plants almost indefinitely!

Why Clone Instead Of Growing From Seed?


Cloning your own cannabis plants can be extremely cost-efficient and may give you a harvest that’s completely sustainable.

Cloning isn’t a difficult process, but it is tedious. These tips will help ensure you have success in the process of cloning.

Tag Your Plants

In a large grow operation — and even in a small one — it’s easy to become distracted and fail to tag the clones you’ve taken from a mother plant. If this sounds implausible, it shouldn’t — it’s happened to many growers.

Select Healthy Plants

When you clone a cannabis plant, the clone will always be the same age and at the same growing stage as the parent. One of the best times to take clones is just before you flower the mother plant.

When taking the cuttings, look for lower branches that are healthier and more sturdy. You want your cuttings to be between 8-12 inches. Have your rooting stimulator ready to dip the cuttings into.

Treat Your Cannabis Cuttings With A Rooting Hormone

It may not be absolutely necessary, but you’ll most likely have more success with rooting if you treat the cuttings with a rooting hormone. Cleary uses a 200x aloe product for the salicylic acid it contains, which stimulates the formation of roots. He says if you have an aloe plant around your home, you can pinch off a stem and soak the cutting in its clear aloe gel overnight before sticking it in medium or a grow cube.

Make sure to never contaminate your rooting gel or cloning powder. The slightest dust or dirt in the jar can spoil your cloning efforts. Never dip the clones directly in the jar with the gel or powder. Always take the required amount of gel or powder and put it into an external tray. Dip the clones in there. Store cloning gels and powders in a dark and cool place.

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Keep Your Grow/workplace Sterile

Clones are much younger than your older plants and are more susceptible to bacteria. Make sure the roots are growing in clean, healthy soil.

Keep A Watchful Eye On Your Clones

Seems like common sense, but as they say, the only thing about common sense is it’s not that common. Remember, clones are much more sensitive than an already developed plant. Make sure to keep an extra close eye on them within the first 7-10 days.

Be Patient


Most clones should start rooting in several days, but some can take several weeks until they grow roots.

Clones need a very specific amount of light and nutrients because they are so sensitive. Just like any other new project, be sure to read anything and everything there is to know about clones.

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