Top 10 Outdoor Marijuana Strains

Growing your cannabis outdoors is easy, especially compared to indoor growing. All you need is a secluded location with soil, sunlight and water. Cannabis plants grown outdoors tend to be larger than their indoor counterparts, producing a much more bountiful yield. So, to help give you an idea of which strains are best suited to outdoor living, we have put together a list of the best outdoor cannabis strains and get seeds below.


OG Kush by Dinafem is one of the most widely recognised cannabis strains of the modern age, and it just happens to be one that excels at outdoor growing. The result of crossing a Lemon Thai/Pakistani x Chemdawg, OG Kush has risen to notoriety as a celebrity and connoisseur favourite, especially in the US. OG Kush is extremely easy to grow, although she does need a warmer climate to really thrive. If you don’t happen to live somewhere warm, then a greenhouse is also a viable option for her. Generally speaking, she will reach heights of 3m when grown outdoors, be ready for harvest around early to mid-October, and produce yields of up to 1100g per plant. When smoked, OG Kush hits the senses with a dank, diesel, citrus flavour. This carries on into a heavily-stoned effect, resting the body in its entirety – an ideal end of day strain.


2. AK-47 

Famous AK-47 seeds are a great choice for the outdoor grower with reasonable amounts of space. The plants are not huge, but their sativa roots give them a leggy tendency. However, the AK-47 has a fast finishing time, able to complete a full cycle in as little as 50 days, under ideal conditions. This makes it a good choice for those with short summers. It takes cool weather with ease, though chilly nights will slow down its growth. The name AK-47 comes from the speed of this marijuana- not only does it grow fast, the high hits you like a bullet. Coming on quick and hard, AK-47 is known for its bright but chilled out cerebral high. If you have enough room for her, AK-47 will give you a great product in a short time outdoors.



For serious outdoor cash croppers. NYC Diesel harvests sweet, chunky, high-yielding buds reeking of petrol from plants that can shoot up to 3 meters tall. Diesel has the indica fat-bud appearance that people love in today’s market. In a case study put aside 10 other popular marijuana strains, Diesel outperformed it’s competitors in flavor, yield, mold-resistance and bag appeal. Diesel, a breeze grown from seed also responds positively to cloning, cuttings will pop out healthy, vigorous roots in no time. Diesel is a speedy grower, especially with additional lighting (elephantine harvests from plants vegetated under 18+ hours of light). Outdoor guerrilla patches of Diesel have been done again-and-again with success – Diesel held up in harsh conditions such as: freshly harvested buds soaked from pouring rain, stowed in bags and hiked out miles through rain-forest, only to result in top quality marijuana.



Granddaddy Purp blew up the local market when it was first available. The buds are saturated with crystals that form up all the way down to the soil. The smell is heavenly; get a good whiff of GDP and the smell will be with you all day. Try filling a room with Granddaddy Purple and refrain from smiling – quite an unfeasible task. GDP performs surprisingly well for an indica-dom when faced with rain and humidity. Notwithstanding, vigorous inspection close to harvest and drying in a proper environment is a must – do this and be rewarded with sparkling buds that blow away friends and competition. Taste, smell, bag appeal… everything is superb. Yields are moderate-heavy. Be certain that there are adequate nutrients available to ensure a mass bulk-up in flowering; Granddaddy is a heavy feeder.



Super Lemon Haze is for all the intense flavor connoisseurs. Super Lemon Haze seriously tastes and smells exactly like lemons. The shining buds are so fragrant, the stench reeks through the bag wherever it is brought. Beautiful, shiny and dense – top-shelf bag appeal. A serious workhorse for the money makers, growing Super Lemon Haze properly will consequently yield massive amounts of marijuana from sweet, lemony plants. Super Lemon Haze is mostly sativa, so expect a longer flowering time in exchange for her bounties. A faithfully mold resistant, tough plant. Magnificent results have been achieved guerrilla growing with Super Lemon Haze seeds – providing generous harvests of gorgeous lemony bud.



Blue Cheese is a lovely plant to grow. Short, stocky and robust, it is perfect for limited spaces and more stealthy grows, and at flowering time the sticky, resin laden buds are a welcome payoff for all your hard work. Be careful with the situation of this plant however, as it is particularly susceptible to imbalances in pH. The autoflowering version of this potent little plant is well worth the extra investment. The seeds are vigorous from the start, and 10 weeks after germination you can expect a harvest, no matter what the photoperiod. This makes Blue Cheese Autoflowering a great choice for those with short summers and unpredictable climates. The end result is a smaller harvest than some of the other Cheese varieties, but what you miss out on in quantity, you certainly make up in quality. The smoke is tasty, luxurious and super high in CBD, perfect for just laying back and watching the world go by.


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 A classic dating back to the 1970s, Bubblegum is an stocky indica with elegant velvety flowers tasting identical to actual bubblegum when smoked. The plant is a thick and glimmering, in structure and in buds. Bubblegum plants usually take on a wide, bushy stature, with buds literally soft as velvet to the touch, but dense inside. Fat, dank and stinky, bubblegum is a substantially high yielding indica strain. Bubblegum has been grown in moist rain-forest conditions with limited sunlight, forming up fully and finishing solid to the end. Bubblegum is a superb choice if you want a mold resistant candy strain – Bubblegum has a long history on the Hawaiian Islands, and is a trusted legend with the old-time growers, as well as the younger crowd.



Afghan is 100% Indica, so keeps to a shorter, bushy size, perfect for covert growing amongst other plants and shrubs. A high leaf to flower ratio and extremely high THC content make this a perfect plant for those who enjoy that stone heavy buzz. To some, the smoke can be harsh, with a petrol sickly odor, but the total stone experience and characteristic numbness is worth it. Afghan weed is popular as a template for hybrids. It can be a little temperamental in terms of soil pH, and is less resistant to mold and bud rot than some. Grow it in a warm climate that is not too wet. Overall, this is an old school Indica best taken in the proximity of a comfy sofa.



Another old school, mainly Indica variety, Northern Lights definitely deserves a mention in our top 10. This dense, bushy plant will usually stay under a meter in height when grown indoors, but put them outside and under the right conditions you could find yourself the proud owner of a two meter behemoth of a marijuana tree. The yield from this plant is phenomenal, and has a subtle, pleasant aroma. The taste is delectable; spicy yet sweet. The excellent flower to leaf ratio makes for efficient growing in any situation, and when you see those sticky, dense buds practically dripping with resin, we defy your mouth not to be watering. The buzz from Northern Lights is pure Indica with a pleasantcouch lock sensation and a long lasting effect.


10. BIG BUD 

The name says it all. This strain combines Afgahnica and Skunk Indica genetics and has a short bloom phase of 51-57 days, and is a favorite of growers seeking monster marijuana plants that have massive yields. The plants tend to grow short and dense,  but topping them once around the third week of grow phase will give you even more bud-producing structure. Big Bud can take heavy feeding from start to finish, and the bloom booster named Big Bud was named for this very high-yielding cannabis strain.  You get a rather sweet smoke from Big Bud, and the high is not as crushingly couchlock as you might expect.


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