Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Indoor Growing

There are a few key features that make certain strains good candidates for an indoor grow. For starters, strains that don’t get too tall are generally better, since indoor growing often has space limitations. Choosing cannabis strains for an indoor grow can sometimes be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of research in order to weigh off between different features like flowering time, yields per m², effects, and flavours. Most growers will also base their decision on the personal experience they made with certain varieties over the years. That’s why we decided to put together a Top 5 strains for indoor growing, to give you a few ideas on strains that show excellent results in the controlled environment of an indoor grow room or tent.

Here are the best cannabis strains to grow indoors, you can get seeds below

White Widow

White Widow has been a long favourite of Amsterdam Coffee houses and for a reason. It is simply an easy to grow potent marijuana and a great high when smoked. Although a hardy Indica/Sativa hybrid, White Widow cannabis serves up a happy Sativa high and is a pot that is much in demand worldwide. With a 25% THC content this stuff will get you soaring.

Big Bud

Well Big Bud is one marijuana strain that is aptly named. The buds on this baby grow and grow and grow – until you often have to support the branches so they don’t break from the weight! After 9 weeks of flowering indoors, Big Bud will yield around 600 grams (per square metre) of monster buds with a potent 15% THC content – an Indica / Sativa mix. Big Bud is an easy and predictable marijuana strain that grows well indoors and outside.

Afghan Kush

When you grow Afghan Kush you can tap into some of cannabis’ deepest roots. The strain originates in the Hindu Kush Mountains, which run between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Expect your plant to grow out horizontally rather than vertically. Flowers will have a deep, earthy aroma, almost like sandalwood. They will also produce tons of resin. Afghan Kush has traditionally been used to produce some of the world’s best hash.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights hits hard and fast. A few puffs and you will immediately begin to feel the well-balanced effects this strain produces. Expect to feel a sedating body buzz complemented by a happy sense of euphoria. As far as cultivation goes, look for flowers to start showing up around 45-50 days. The strain is relatively easy to grow, and it does especially well in greenhouses.


Headband requires moderate cultivation experience and is not for brand new growers. But if you’ve got what it takes, this can be a super rewarding strain to grow. Flowers will show up around nine to ten weeks. This strain produces well-balanced effects. You’ll enjoy the combo of a pleasantly sedative body buzz paired with an inspiring and uplifting cerebral high.

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