Top 5 Cannabis Strains That Won’t Get You Paranoid

Let’s be honest: sometimes weed can make certain people paranoid. And some people experience paranoia even without smoking. If you’re prone to paranoia, using high CBD strains is ideal. CBD has been shown to help counter the anxiety as well as paranoia that THC may bring about in some people.

Here are 5 strains that you can start experimenting with if you’re looking to avoid paranoia.,

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is one of the best strains to help settle paranoia and discomfort. Unlike other strains, Afghan Kush won’t play with your thoughts or feelings. Instead, you can count on this strain to ease you into a gentle relaxation. This strain is best used at night since it has pretty potent indica effects that will sedate you. Afghan Kush is also widely used for the treatment of insomnia, but can also help with lack of appetite, depression, stress, and pain.

Stephen Hawking Kush

To combat paranoia, you’ll need a weed strain with a substantial CBD content. The strain known as Stephen Hawking Kush will help you relax both your mind and your body. It’s a good strain to try, especially if you’re relatively new to smoking weed


Cannatonic is famous worldwide for its high CBD content. This hybrid is highly recommended for both medicinal and recreational users alike because of its extremely enjoyable high as well as medicinal properties. It has a complex flavor, starting out pungent with hints of strong woody aromas as well as light citrus undertones. Cannatonic is widely used for the treatment of stress, inflammation, chronic migraines, muscle spasms, and mood disorders. Just don’t smoke too much; using small amounts of Cannatonic is ideal if you’re looking to prevent paranoia. The only downside to Cannatonic is that it’s known for being a short-lived strain. Despite that, it’s still one of the most widely used strains in the world that can offer unparalleled relief from paranoid experiences.

Strawberry Cough

Don’t be put off by the cough. This strain is famous for being a sativa powerhouse that will uplift your mind and ease your thoughts. If you experience social anxiety in addition to paranoia, Strawberry Cough could be the best strain for you.


Zen is all about balance. This strain has a perfect and even balance of THC and CBD. When you consume it, you can’t help but feel relaxed, at ease, and totally…well…zen.

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