Top 5 Places To Hotbox

Hot-Boxing is one of the most fun and social ways to enjoy weed, especially since you are smoking in a confined space, meaning you ingest the residual smoke and the smoke you are inhaling. Be warned, these ideas are not for the novice smoker, hotboxing will take you to the moon. Most people will hotbox a car, a bathroom or a bedroom.


Getting greened in a greenhouse? It doesn’t get any more real than that. If you or one of your friends has one in your backyard, considering holing up in there for an hour one day and get high with nature.


Depending on the size of your closet, it may be a little cramped, but that only means that the hotbox will work that much better. The only downside? Your clothes will likely reek for days.

Blanket Fort

What madness is this – smoking underneath a very flammable object, with high risk of asphyxiation? Clearly, hot-boxing a duvet/bed requires a bit of finesse, not to mention being mindful of your air supply. The best way to do it is with a partner, where you both sit cross-legged on the bed and the duvet covers your heads. The enclosed space means you get very high, and makes you feel a bit like a kid again, like when you and some friends decide to make pillow forts. Feels very cheeky and fun – but proceed with caution!


A classic, and perhaps the most social hot-box of all. If you are on a vacation and enjoying the great outdoors, your tent makes a great place to hotbox. The space is very enclosed so you get exceptionally high, and everything feels intimate and cozy. Conversations seem to be particularly brilliant and funny as well. Bonus points if you’re at a music festival, it’s raining, and your sleeping bags are damp.


If you are Donald Trump rich and have a private sauna, smoke one while relaxing in the hot smoke. Tip: This hotbox spot is similar to a bathroom with the shower turned on for those who want a budget-friendly sauna.

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