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Top Stoner Gadgets For Making Selfies

Chances are, this holidays you took selfies. In order to help your selfies look their best, Zenpype prepared a stoner selfie gadget guide. Forget the funny selfie sticks and get ahold of one of these cutting edge toys for stoners.

Ripple Maker – A coffee machine that imprints your face.

Everyone loves it when their barista draws a heart or smiley face on their latte; just ask the millions of people who think sharing pix of their coffee art on Instagram, never gets old. Now, you can take your latte art to the next level by imprinting your selfie or design on any foam topped, frothy beverage. Snap a pic with your cell phone. Use the Coffee Ripples app to choose your image,and in seconds, the Ripple Maker will imprint your customized image, using coffee granules. What a cute parlor trick for impressing your date the morning after.

The Hover Camera Passport  – A drone that follows you.

The Hover Camera Passport is a compact quadcopter that follows you around taking pics with its built-in 13mp camera. It also records video at UHD 4K 1080p Full HD or 720p HD at 30 frames per second. All of your images can be stored internally on its 32GB built-in memory or transferred to a connected mobile device. For control and other app-based functions, the drone features Wi-Fi and supports both iOS and Android smartphones. However, it can also be controlled without a mobile phone. Some other cool design elements are that it opens like a book and features carbon fiber, mesh–enclosed propellers with built-in stabilization; so if you accidentally bump into it while it’s following you around, this stoner drone will immediately steady itself. Say goodbye to shaky vlog posts.

Joby Grip Tight POV Kit – A handgrip, with remote camera control.

Up your mobile photo and video game with this compact, versatile smartphone mount. The kit includes a bluetooth remote. The cold shoe adapter allows you to attach accessories, such as a mic or LED light, to the top or bottom of the grip. Slide your hand right into the ergonomic grip, and you won’t ever risk dropping your phone while taking a selfie again.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod and Accessories – A mini tri-pod that holds an external light

The Manfrotto PIXI is ideal for keeping your shaky, stoner hands steady when taking pictures and videos. Besides your cell, it is compatible with a wide variety of digital devices, including compact system cameras and entry-level (not too heavy) DSLRs. Unfortunately, the TwistGrip Universal Clamp Mount for iPhone, as well as the pocket-sized Manfrotto Lumimuse LED Lights, that provide effective fill light, are sold separately. However, the Lumimuse comes in either a 3or 8-light variety and is inexpensive. Both of these lights shine brightly enough to eliminate dark low light selfies.


Panono Ball – Panoramic, ball camera.

Never mind that it seems like a German word for Banana. It produces amazing, 108 megapixel, 360° X 360° full-spherical, panoramic images, which capture everything, in every direction. Throw it up in the air, and it will take an awesome, overhead shot of your entire squad. Make sure to catch it though, because the ball can break; it hits the ground hard.

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