Top 5 Cannabis Health Trends of This Year

The cannabis industry is moving at lightening speed and with it new trends are born (and die) at a rapid pace.ou could say that this 2017 wellness trend is lit—and it’s clear why: Although much more research still needs to be done on the health effects of marijuana use, several studies have indicated that extracts from the plant, in particular cannabidiol or CBD, could be a legit remedy for mood disorders, inflammation, chronic pain, and more modern ills. (Here’s a primer on how its compounds help people heal by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system.)

THCA: The New Star Cannabinoid

Most people have heard about THC and CBD, but not many know about THCA. THCA is the precursor to THC and is found within the raw cannabis plant. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, an anti-proliferative, a neuro-protectant, an anti-emetic and antispasmodic. It also happens to be non psychoactive. When heated, THCA becomes Delta9-THC, but it also loses some of its natural healing properties. THCA is harder to extract and stabilize, which is why it is not as widely found as CBD and THC. Anecdotal stories abound of the wonders of THCA, but there is little to no research out (yet) on the medicinal benefits.

Microdosing: A Little Cannabis Goes a Long Way

Microdosing-Friendly Products

Microdosing is a great way to achieve many of the benefits of medicinal cannabis without the high that marijuana is known for. Microdosing can help people manage their symptoms throughout the day without any unwanted side effects. Microdosing friendly products are now becoming more popular as more people begin to embrace the low dose practice.

Marijuana Education Goes Mainstream

In the past, the level of cannabis education, especially for doctors and nurses nationwide, has been lacking. Within many of the states, especially those on the east coast, the opioid epidemic is wildly out of control. As people turn to cannabis to help control chronic pain, the level of education for the patients, people within the industry (or who hope to be) as well as those who actually recommend cannabis is going through a rapid growth cycle. Cannabis education is coming to the forefront and will only grow in strength in the coming years. UC Davis recently announced it will be offering a cannabis physiology course on cannabis. Davis will be the first public university in California to offer such a course.

Weed Replaces Opioids

Multiple studies have come out recently that indicate when patients use cannabis in lieu of opioids, there is a reduction of abuse with highly addictive painkillers. A recent HelloMD study (to be published soon) done in conjunction with UC Berkeley mimics these findings. The study, which was the largest of its kind, concluded that over 95% of chronic pain patients reduced or eliminated the use of opioids when cannabis was used to manage pain. Lastly, in states where cannabis is legal there is a 24.8% lower rate of opioid related deaths.

Athleticism and Cannabis

Many pro-athletes who advocate for cannabis also thinks it helps their performance by assisting them in recovery and getting them back on the field faster than traditional pharmaceuticals, especially when they are rehabbing from injuries. Cannabis and athleticism is an topic which will be explored more in the coming year as more people have access to cannabis as a medical and recreational product.

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