Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Treating PTSD

The men and women who risk their lives for protecting the country have to pay a high price for their nobility: suffering from PTSD. They deserve to have access to the best quality healthcare in America for their services, and that means being able to have cannabis. PTSD doesn’t affect veterans alone: people who have gone through traumatic experiences, experienced natural disasters, or are victims of sexual and physical abuse also suffer from this dreaded psychiatric condition.

Pot has helped countless people deal with PTSD, which is manifested by debilitating symptoms including relieving the trauma, flashbacks, and nightmares. The condition prevents them from living a quality life because it prevents them from getting proper sleep and affects normal behavior.

Og kush strain

OG Kush is ideal for those who want a strong cerebral hit, although depending on where you buy it, it could be a stronger sativa or indica. Most users report experiencing a strong euphoric feeling after smoking OG Kush which makes it ideal for those suffering from depression and anxiety as a result of PTSD. OG Kush is extremely potent when it comes to calming the entire body, suitable for the evening and for total body relaxation. It’s no wonder that OG Kush has long been the strain of choice for people with PTSD.

Pineapple express strain

Pineapple Express is a hybrid of Hawaiian Sativa and Trainwreck. It’s a sativa-dominant strain that users love for its ability to make them feel happy and upbeat. Some strains can have a THC content of as much as 20% so be prepared to get into a deep psychoactive state, which will definitely help you forget about any pain, stress, and trauma. Pineapple Express is an energizing and uplifting strain so if you feel that you can be productive it’s also a good choice for use during the day. Few strains compare with the Pineapple Express in its ability to uplift as well as relax, making it perfect for those looking for a light but fun high.

Cannatonic strain

Cannatonic is a well-loved high-CBD strain that is popular among PTSD users. High-CBD strains such as this are beneficial in fighting off anxiety and depression because of its mood-stabilizing properties. Cannatonic is great for those looking to relax the body because of its indica-like properties while addressing mental disorders. Some varieties of Cannatonic will have CBD content of as much as 20%, but it’s known for its pungent aroma so be conscious of the smell if you are planning on going out in public after.

Golden goat strain

Golden Goat is a popular Colorado strain that’s also getting attention throughout the country. Oftentimes the THC content of Golden Goat will be above 23%, so you’re in for quite a psychoactive ride with this one. Because of its high THC content, Golden Goat is suitable for PTSD patients who already have significant experience with potent strains. Many users with pain, anxiety, and depression find relief from high-THC strains such as this, but it will also keep you mellow and your thought process will be clear as day.

Master kush strain

Master Kush is unparalleled for its legendary indica effects and insomnia-killing properties. This strain will relax every single cell in your body without being too much of a couchlock. Master Kush is excellent if you’re experiencing physical pain or muscle tightness which makes it harder to fall asleep. Expect that your senses will still be sharp as a blade; it’s a great strain to enhance any activity that you’re doing. Aside from being a top choice for insomnia, Master Kush is also known for being more euphoric than other standard indica strains.

Patients of PTSD are recommended to visit a physician first before self-medicating. Some patients find that high THC strains work for their PTSD symptoms while others find more relief with high CBD strains. A physician who is well-versed with cannabis can help you find the ideal strain and dosage that works best for you.

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