Top Cannabis Strains For Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract that can affect any part of the GI tract, from the mouth to the rectum, although it may skip certain areas of the intestine, leaving some healthy, while other parts suffer. Ulcerative Colitis is a very similar disease in the IBD group of disorders, but it only affects the colon, affecting only the innermost lining of the colon.

Crohn’s is among the diseases that appear to respond to a dose of cannabis. A 2014 paper published in Pharmacology reported that cannabis produced significant clinical benefits in patients with Crohn’s. It touched on the ancient use of weed for this very purpose as well: the earliest medicine used the plant to cure disturbances of the GI tract and tame inflammation of the bowel.

A 2002 study, per the San Francisco Gate, found that THC modulates the immune response of T-lymphocytes. This decreases pro-inflammatory reactions. It’s not just THC that does this either. CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, appears to protect the gut by preventing damage to the mucus of the bowel. Essentially, it allows the bowel to withstand inflammation to a greater extent.

Perhaps the greatest threat of cannabis, when it comes to Crohn’s, is the munchies.  Of course, keeping triggering foods out of your pantry is smart, but so is smoking strains particularly known for their inflammatory benefits.

Medicine Man

Like its name implies, this strain is medically beneficial because it yields a very high number of cannabinoids. It produces heavy indica effects, which might be too much for new users. Experienced users find Medicine Man leaving them lazy, but happy. It’s good for pain relief and treating nausea. Because it’s sedating, users will want to use it with care.

Jean Guy

Jean Guy  is a sativa-dominant strain known for its high THC content and energizing effects. A great one to start your day cramp-free.

Willie Nelson

One guess which country singer this strain is named after…yep, Garth Brooks. This strain is pure sativa and known to breed creativity and euphoria. It enhances energy, but it can bring upon paranoia too. It’s been used for Crohn’s and glaucoma. It’s also used for stress, depression, and anxiety.

Hog’s Breath

Hog’s Breath is a well-known indica with roots in the Kush landrace and is known for its potency against heavy pain and anxiety – a good strain to relax after a long work day.


Dominated by indica, Bubblegum makes people sedentary, but satisfied. Some people report greater creativity while others are unable to do much of anything. The latter makes it good for insomniacs. It’s used for people dealing with eating disorders too and as treatment of chronic nausea or vomiting.

Hash Plant

Hash Plant is known for an abundance of trichomes and a heavy body stone. This indica has a reputation for blissful euphoria, as well as easing pain and inflammation associated with Crohn’s and Colitis.

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Golden Pineapple

A 50/50 hybrid (though some growers have begun to lean towards sativa), the Golden Pineapple has very high THC (up to 29 percent) and causes the user to feel like they can get up and go (and go some more). It doesn’t have a lot of CBD, which limits its usefulness when it comes to medicine. Still, for Crohn’s suffers who have problems eating, it improves appetite.


Chemo is just as sedative as you might imagine – a heavy body high that’s perfect for chronic pain. Take note: the munchies are strong with this one. If you have stomach cramps or trouble eating, this strain will inspire your appetite.

Blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon offers both sativa and indica and varies drastically in THC level: some growers produce strains into the twenties, others in the low teens. It’s known for causing the user to feel a head and body high after only a hit or two (new users beware). Medically, it’s great for pain relief and stress relief.

Lemon Jack

Lemon Jack is born of the famed Jack Herer and Lemon Kush and offers strong psychoactive effects. Lemon Jack is a daytime strain as strong as a cup of coffee, but without the harsh stomach irritation. Recommended for users who suffer from fatigue.

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