Top Cannabis Strains with Couch Lock Effect for Blissful Sedation

If you’re new to cannabis, we’ll explain what couch lock is and what causes it.


You just burned down a joint and sit down on the couch as the effects slowly come on. All of a sudden, it hits you. At first you feel your body become warm, fuzzy, and kinda tingly, like you’ve just taken a long bath. Next thing you know, you feel like you’re body is slowly melting into the gaps of the couch. Couch lock is a colloquial term used by stoners to describe a strong feeling of physical sedation brought on by cannabis, essentially leaving them feeling “locked” to the couch.

Different users have different descriptions of a couch-locked effect. Some users say that it’s a frightening experience. It’s something that they would rather avoid. But more experienced cannabis users say that they can use a couch lock to their advantage.



Cannabis has strong sedative properties, which is why some people find it provides them with effective relief from insomnia and other sleep issues. These sedative properties are also what cause couch lock, which is essentially just an overly strong feeling of sedation.

No individual cannabinoids and/or terpenes have been isolated as the sole culprit(s) that cause couch lock. These compounds don’t act individually but work in a combination of other compounds. Some try lay the blame on myrcene, a terpene and known sedative found in weed (as well as hops, thyme, and other plants). The claim is that high concentrations of myrcene are what gave some strains the power to leave you melting into the couch.

However, test data from entrants to the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam showed that myrcene levels were highest in Sativa strains that did not cause any couch lock effects at all.

Strains with high THC tend to have a lower CBD while some strains with high CBD have lower or very minimal THC. Experts say that the two compounds tend to balance each other so for a strain with a good mix of recreational and medicinal qualities, you need a strain with balanced CBD and THC.

Now, different users have different responses to cannabis compounds. Some are very sensitive to THC that even a small amount can cause a very powerful mind and body effect. On the other hand, there are also users who are very sensitive to CBD and thus, even a balanced strain or a strain with minimal CBD can still trigger a couch lock effect.

Any strain can cause a couch lock effect and this depends on the body chemistry of the user. Other factors may also contribute to this powerful effect.

  • The dose or the amount consumed
  • If you take a higher dose than what you can tolerate, you
  • A user’s tolerance to cannabis
  • A user’s last intake
  • The type of strain used
  • The mode of consumption

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough solid research that clearly identifies the root causes of couch lock. In fact, it could well be that couch lock is caused by a unique blend of chemicals, rather than a single one.

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However, some marijuana strains are better than others, and in this article, we look at the best marijuana strains for couch lock.We understand that some people just want to relax and chill out after a hard day; and these strains will help you do just that.



Gorilla Glue is quite possibly the dankest dope on planet Earth right now. Get these King Kong cannabis seeds in your grow op and you’ll reach uncharted THC levels. Resin production is unbelievable. Buds will build up an astronomical quantity of trichomes and completely frost over. Gorilla Glue is ideally suited to SOG and ScrOG methods for max yield. In just 8-9 weeks of bloom the most adhesive buds in the business will undoubtedly be fusing your posterior to the couch. THC regularly exceeds 25% and sometimes even 30% so this dank bud is definitely not for lightweights.



Sour Diesel is a well-loved sativa named for its pungent aroma that is reminiscent of diesel. But if you’ve never tried this strain, don’t let that put you off; it’s actually a real delicious kind of pungent. Sour Diesel induces dreamy couchlock states that so many people love because it allows stress and depression to fade away while making you feel good both physically and mentally. Medical patients enjoy smoking Sour Diesel because it can treat headaches, fatigue, and pain. Since it’s a sativa, Sour D can be used during the day, but with the right dose at night, you’ll be sent off into dreamland.



Master Kush is old school Kush and still phenomenally potent even by today’s standards. Easy to grow. Perfect for newbie growers. Short, stocky and covered in dank dense buds after just 8-9 weeks of bloom. Master Kush is a classic couchlock Kush.



When Sensi Star was introduced to the world in 1995, it blew pot enthusiasts away. At the time, it was one of the strongest strains around, and it still holds its own today. Sensi Star was pretty much the ultimate “couchlock” strain, and it produces some excellent shatters and waxes thanks to the resin production.

Nobody knows the precise lineage of this strain except Paradise Seeds itself, but like most indicas it seems Sensi Star comes from Afghani stock. There is a sativa-leaning phenotype to be found in Sensi Star, though, so don’t be surprised to find that there are some haze genetics in a batch of seeds.



Northern Lights is quite possibly the cannabis strain that led to the coining of the phrase “Couchlocked”. Northern Lights is a timeless classic couchlock variety. Perhaps no other strain on Earth has so consistently couchlocked stoners.

Plants are squat, branch well and produce a thick main cola. Northern Lights is both forgiving and immensely rewarding to cultivate. No other strain has such a proven track. Northern Lights performs well in all substrates and still the ranks amongst the dankest couchlock cannabis strains.

If you are stressed out at the end of the day or are having trouble sleeping and need a helping hand, the five strains mentioned in this article will ensure you enter a glorious state of couch-lock. There are actually many more potent strains known to give off a potent sedation that many love. 

[Updated, originally published 28.10. 2019]

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