Top Fast-Growing Cannabis Strains

Growing cannabis can be an arduous process. But what if you’re impatient or short on time? Is there a way to speed up the growing process?

Historically, black market growers would seek out or hybridize strains to harness attributes that catered to their surreptitious needs. These plants would usually be short and stalky with larger-than-average yields, and in some instances they would be autoflowering (such as a ruderalis hybrid). They were designed to be fast-flowering for both a quick turnover and so they could be easily relocated from time to time.

On this list, we have gathered marijuana strains that grow exceedingly quickly; the best short flowering strains as well as the quickest autoflowering seeds. They are easy to grow, produce good yields and deliver the goods all the way. Check them out and get seeds below!

Feminized fast growing strains


Although it is classified as a hybrid, often compared to Bonsai trees, Lowryder is a tiny but mighty marijuana strain that seldom grows higher than 16-inches; a fact that makes it perfect for indoor grows with limited space.

It is a tough plant capable of surviving in harsh climates, which is why it is grown in places such as Finland, Alaska, and Canada. It is regarded as an all-time classic hybrid and is a cross of Willy’s Wonder and Northern Lights #2. With a THC content ranging from 12% to 20%, Lowryder is a strain suitable for most novices, so long as they use it responsibly.

It is one of the easiest strains on the market to grow because it requires very little maintenance above the bare minimum. With a flowering time of just 40-45 days, Lowryder can provide you with its energetic high in double quick time, and it clocks in just below many of the popular choice 50 day flowering strains! It produces around 12 ounces per square meter planted when grown indoors.

Honey Cream

Honey Cream lives up to its name. After flowering starts, the plant will be ready to harvest in about 6-7 weeks. Indoors, the plant can produce about 500 g per square meter. It produces buds with intense, sweet and sugary caramel aroma. Honey Cream is an indica, and produces a satisfying heavy stone.

OG Kush

This marijuana strain is one of the most famous West Coast varieties, and its origins are as mysterious as this weed is delicious!.

OG Kush is said to be a cross of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg, but since it came from bag seed in the 1990s, it is difficult to say this is a fact. Imperial Genetics has been credited with bringing the seeds to Colorado and Southern California from Florida, and there are several well-known phenotypes of the strain, including Alpha OG and Tahoe OG.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush from Barney’s Farm is a mostly indica strain that blends together two famed cannabis staples, Critical Mass and OG Kush. Aromatic notes of earthiness and spice usher in a calming sensation that relaxes the mind and body. Critical Kush pairs a staggeringly high THC content with a moderate dose of CBD, making this strain a perfect nighttime medication for pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Growers cultivating this strain indoors will wait 50 to 60 days for Critical Kush to complete its flowering cycle.

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Early Top Skunk

The Cannabis Cup winner Early Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. This easy-to-grow strain is favored for its short flowering period, resistance to mold, and heavy yields, making it ideal for novice and outdoor growers. Expect abundant harvests of large buds in a short time that deliver long-lasting effects and a pungent aroma.

Autoflowering Strains

Quick One

Quick One is one of the fastest auto-growing strains on the planet. The plant is based on the original auto flowering strain – Lowryder. This strain was created from a cross between William’s Wonder x Northern Lights x Ruderalis. These plants are usually ready for harvest in 8 weeks from germination. The plants also reach between 50 and 60 cm and can yield up to 150g per plant.


Northern Lights Autoflowering ticks almost all of the boxes that autoflowering growers are looking for. She offers a good yield, fast flowering time, decent potency, and brilliant aesthetics. To make this possible, the legendary Northern Lights was bred with a ruderalis strain, a move that saw highly prolific and legendary genetics shift over into the auto realm. This lady offers a chill and mellow indica high fuelled by a 14% THC level and tastes and aromas of sweetness and citrus.

This speedy specimen pumps out gorgeous flowers that are narrow, tall, and feature shades of green, grey, light purple, and white. When grown indoors, she’ll ascend to a height of around 120cm and yield up to 400g/m². Outdoors, she’ll grow to a taller height of 150cm and deliver up to 230g/plant.

Easy Bud

This strain comes by its name easily. Easy Bud is very similar to the autoflowering White Dwarf. A cross between Ruderalis x Indica strains allows this plant to literally be grown anywhere. This strain also produces flowers in just 8-9 weeks after germination. The plants grow to an average height of 50 to 60 cm. This also makes them a great indoor grow selection.

CBD fast growing strains

Fast Eddy

Fast Eddy Automatic is a rapid growing cross between Cheese x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis and produces a harvest in just 8-9 weeks after germination. Fast Eddy can grow to heights between 60-100cm high when grown indoors. Outside it can grow to up to 120cm. The plant can also produce yields of up to 450g per square meter in optimal grow conditions. The variety has a pungent, citrusy aroma. It can also produce a clear and comfortable buzz when smoked. The light and functional high it produces is great for use during the day – and of course, it is an excellent source of CBD.

Stress Killer

This autoflowering strain was bred to offer users a clear, functional and focusing high. Stress Killer combines the genetics of Lemon Haze x Juanita Lagrimosa x Ruderalis. This citrusy hybrid can also go from seed to harvest in under 11 weeks. The bud creates a sharp lemon flavour when smoked. It also creates a mentally stimulating high via its Lemon Haze roots. This is an extremely versatile cannabis strain dominated by the sativa side of its genetics.

[Updated, originally published 28.11.2017]

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