Top Hacks How to Grind Your Cannabis Bud Without a Grinder

Ever been wondering how to grind weed without a grinder? Without a grinder, weed nowadays can be super hard to break down – wet and sticky, you may find it clinging more to your fingers than the table should you try to break it down with your hands. Just get yourself a grinder and save yourself the time and trouble of trying to get by without one.

There are also guides on how to make a weed grinder at home, but these are usually less effective than the grinding methods listed below! From simple old school tricks and techniques to a few MacGyver-worthy hacks, here are 7 ways you can bypass the grinder by utilizing nothing more than a few household items and a bit of creativity.

Your fingers

Breaking down cannabis by hand can be a very intrinsically rewarding experience despite its few downsides. Yes, cannabis is sticky, and breaking it down by hand can be a bit tedious. But those fingers of yours can sure do some work when it comes to flower picking. The perhaps more serious problem is that THC crystals may also be lost, sticking to your fingers.

Coffee grinder

A coffee grinder may just be the ultimate hack for somebody looking to break down a large amount of cannabis into a finely ground, consistent end product. It requires very little effort, and can grind large amounts in no time at all. Just don’t let it run for too long or it may get too powder-ish. Clean it thoroughly afterwards if you aren’t fond of THC-spiked coffee.

Scissors and shot glass

Used to be my favorite way to get by without a grinder. Scissors are already the perfect companion for trimmers, but they can also be used as a neat way of breaking down your larger buds. Throw some bud into a shot glass and start snipping away! This technique takes less than a minute and clean up is quick and painless. Fast method for grinding smaller herb amounts.

A Coin and Container

This method works surprisingly well. If you have an empty pill bottle and a coin, throw your bud and a (clean) coin into the bottle and shake! Hard and long. It may take longer than using a grinder, but it barely costs you a cent!

Use  knife

Get hold of a decent kitchen knife, sharpen it up for efficiency and pull out a large clean chopping board. Works alright, especially if it’s just a small amount you want to grind. If you’ve been chopping a lot of salads you already know the drill.

Rolling Slicer

Like knives, wheeled cutting devices provide a sharp surface for slicing, though their design makes cutting sticky buds a much easier task than if you were to simply use a knife.

A grater

Running some buds through a microplane makes for a fine, even grind. If you’re thinking about rolling and want consistency, microplanes are a great solution.

Obviously there are ways to grind weed without using a grinder. But nothing actually beats using a weed grinder for your buds or solids sooner rather than later if you’re planning to grind weed more than once or twice.

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