Top High Yielding Cannabis Strains For Outdoor Growing

For growers who want the biggest harvests out of each plant, high yield cannabis strains are the golden ticket. They are the result of many factors, such as a good environment with plenty of light, adequate fertilizer, rich soil etc. But the genetics of the plant play a central role as well, so we compiled a list with the highest yielding strains for outdoor cultivation. The following strains will reward your love and care with yields close to or in excess of 1 kilogram per plant.

Thai Sativa (Thai Stick)

Thai sativa plants, when finished correctly can present a harvest full of monster leg-sized colas on multiple-kilo XXL yielding plants. Outdoors, these huge strains can flower all the way until January! For the skilled cultivator, landrace Thai sativa is the ultimate rewarding challenge.

The Church

Very good yielder that produces a highly potent product. Highly resistant to mold, making it ideal for humid areas and novice growers. Can carry up to 900 grams at the end of September. 20% of the yield is pure THC. The high is very motivating and social. Perfect variety for a funny get-together with buddies.

Blue Dream

For as big as you can plan to get them, Blue Dream will stack up the sweet buds on tree-sized huge cannabis plants. Many people like to pump Blue Dream plants up hard in vegetative growth, using additional lighting and a well prepared nutrient regime.

Super Skunk

A compact strain of marijuana that achieves impressively high yields, Super This 80% indica dominant hybrid can morph into a goliath when cultivated accordingly. It is a great plant to grow for beginners.

Big Bud

The name is program; this strain produces jaw-dropping yields. It’s a crossing of a sturdy Afghanica and Skunk. Sweet and fruity flavors. The giant, sweet-smelling, sparkling buds can grow so heavy that the branches bow down and snap, so some kind of support will become mandatory toward the end of the flowering time. For those who get off on the stanky stank, Super Skunk is the high-yield choice for you.


Can reach a height of up to 3 meters when given enough space. Exudes a very intense aroma during her flowering period. Impresses with yields in the range of 900-1200 grams per plant. The smoke has a nice fruity typically skunk taste. Produces a combination of a strong body buzz and a nice cerebral high.

Big Bang

Highly productive crossing of Skunk, Northern Light and El Niño. Wide, very bushy plant with a very strong odor. Develops very thick candle-shaped buds. Reaches its full maturity at the end of September, with each plant yielding up to 1kg. Roughly 18-20% of the yield is pure THC. The physical effects are more pronounced than the cerebral inebriation.

Critical Kush

Growers looking for a sturdy, potent, and heavy-yielding strain for the outdoors won’t make a bad decision with Critical Kush. The rewards you’ll receive in late September are huge; Outdoor yields of up to 550g per plant, long-lasting effects of sheer intensity, and a final product with average THC levels of 20%.

[Updated, originally published 9.2.2018]

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