Top Medical Cannabis Strains for Dialysis

Your kidneys clean your blood by removing excess fluid, minerals, and wastes. They also produce hormones that keep bones strong and blood healthy.  Most kidney diseases attack the nephrons. This damage may leave kidneys unable to remove wastes. Causes can include genetic problems, injuries, or medicines. Kidneys are responsible for filtering the waste and excess liquid in the body so when someone is suffering from kidney failure, medical professionals seek dialysis machines to filter the liquid and extract the waste, hence taking the job from your kidneys. While this is only a temporary fix, it helps patients survive for longer while waiting for a transplant.

While dialysis itself doesn’t inflict pain, but it can come with uncomfortable side effects. A great number of patients have to deal with low blood pressure, which affects around 1 out of every 4 patients. Other causes of low blood pressure include a weak heart and excess fluid. The other side effects of dialysis include nausea and vomiting, itchy skin, restless leg syndrome, and muscle cramps.

There is wealth of new scientific understanding regarding how medical marijuana or cannabis can be beneficial for treating Kidney Disease. During kidney failure, a common misconception is that cannabis can hurt you further during your treatment since it cannot flush out the “toxins”. This is not true since:

  • THC molecules attach themselves to fat molecules and not water molecules
  • Fat molecules are processed by a different part of the body then kidneys

People claim, that consuming marijuana helps greatly with their dialysis treatment. It helps the patient deal with the negative psychological aspect of the treatment. Since a lot of the patients suffer from anxiety and depression, brought on by being worried about not being able to receive treatment or the dependence on the treatment to survive and not being able to live a normal life. They use cannabis as an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication, which has been proven to work. Many different forms and strains of Cannabis can be used to help treat the negative side effects of the dialysis treatment. The most common way of consuming marijuana during dialysis is edibles. While strains such as hybrids with high THC and CBD counts will help with a multitude of the symptoms. It will help with muscle spasms, itching, sleep problems, and depression.

These are the strains that can help you relieve the side effects of dialysis


Cannatonic has a low THC content that is suitable for dialysis patients suffering from low blood pressure. The THC content of Cannatonic phenotypes range from 0-14% and the CBD content may go as high as 23%. The medicinal properties of Cannatonic make it the go-to strain of choice for many medical patients who have a wide variety of ailments, including kidney disease. The low THC content ensures you will only have a mild, relaxing high but its CBD content will assist in healing your kidneys. Cannatonic is also beneficial for muscle cramps, anxiety, as well as pain. If dialysis is causing you emotional distress, Cannatonic can help you manage depression and stress as well.
afghan kush

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is an indica that is recommended to help manage muscle cramps, low blood pressure, and lack of appetite due to nausea and vomiting. Count on this strain to ensure you get proper rest between dialysis sessions, while treating the side effects of the procedure. Afghan Kush is ideal nighttime medication; it will help you relax after a stressful dialysis session, inducing tranquility from head to toe. Additionally, Afghan Kush is an easy to grow strain, so if you are looking to cultivate your own medicine, this is a great strain to start with.
NYC diesel cannabis strain

NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is recommended for dialysis patients suffering from nausea and vomiting. NYC Diesel is an award-winning strain valued for its recreational and medical benefits, particularly for the treatment of nausea. If dialysis is causing you to get tired or feel fatigued, NYC Diesel is also ideal as it’s an energizing and uplifting sativa that is known for empowering users with a high that activates both mind and body. NYC Diesel is a good strain for daytime medication, also providing relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. NYC Diesel is also known for its ability to give you the munchies, so you can have your appetite back to power through dialysis sessions.
blue dream cannabis strains

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most famous cannabis strains especially for its medicinal benefits. Dialysis patients will benefit from keeping some Blue Dream in their medicine cabinet at all times. Blue Dream is a cross between a sativa and indica, offering balanced relaxation combined with gentle cerebral invigoration. A few tokes of Blue Dream eases you into a blissful state of euphoria. Depending on the phenotype you get, Blue Dream may be more sativa or indica dominant. It does a good job of curing nausea as well as pain, depression, insomnia, stress, and headaches.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush is a renowned high CBD strain that is used by many medical patients. Individuals going through dialysis will value this strain’s powerful medicinal properties. In some phenotypes, the CBD content of Stephen Hawking Kush goes up to as much as 22%! This makes it ideal for soothing daytime relief from pain and nausea without a psychoactive buzz. If you are prone to anxiety and paranoia, Stephen Hawking Kush is highly recommended.

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While no concrete research has been made to validate the use of cannabis during their treatment, a lot of people have come forward and claimed that cannabis has been extremely beneficial during their treatments. As more research continues, data will continue to prove how cannabis is essential to the medical field and help with a multitude of ailments. Contact a medical marijuana clinic to make sure that using cannabis in tandem with your existing marijuana is safe.

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