Top Reasons Why Women Consume Cannabis

It turns out that there may be more women smoking pot than previously thought. A new report from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC) says that just as many women consume cannabis as men.

More and more of the women I know are finding that cannabis brings them relief and enjoyment. Here are just a few of the many reasons they are choosing cannabis.

 Alleviates menstrual cramps

Most women who menstruate will agree that it tends to be an achy experience. Makes sense, considering that it’s the process of an internal organ ripping itself up. Before the days of Midol, marijuana was a popular way to ease menstrual cramps. It’s definitely effective, even if you don’t smoke it.

It’s Healthier Than Alcohol

Many women are recognizing that their habitual alcohol consumption at the end of the day is not good for their long-term health. Alcohol consumption in the evening can interrupt sleep patterns. Cannabis offers a healthier way to relax and unwind at the end of the day and this does not have to mean heavy intoxication. For them, cannabis is a choice that is not about getting high and doing nothing but, rather, an excellent way to enhance everyday activities – without an alcohol-induced slur.

Relieves anxiety

If stress is the silent killer, then anxiety is its accomplice. While Generalized Anxiety Disorder is quite common, it can be difficult to treat. Anecdotal evidence tells us that marijuana is helpful when it comes to treating anxiety. And now, science backs up the claims. A study conducted by researchers at Vanderbilt University shows that cannabis relaxes the “fight or flight” receptors in the brain.

They Find it Helps With Sleep

Ever taken a sleeping pill to get you through the night? One mother I know waits until the kids are tucked in bed and then consumes a strain that helps induce a deep and lasting sleep. While some parents may have concerns about cannabis in the home with children, my friends know that a safe or locked case on a high shelf, keeps things safe. Other women are experimenting with micro-dosing cannabis in the form of a capsule, oil tincture or edible, to ensure a good night’s sleep. A cannabis-educated doctor recently informed me that THC will help me sleep through the night and that careful experimentation will help me to find the right dose.

Healthier weight

Researchers at The University of Miami got the shock of their lives when a study they conducted revealed lower BMIs among stoners compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Even better? Smoking weed can make your next exercise session more productive.

They Enjoy Increased Self Awareness, Self Love and Compassion

Cannabis may induce a positive mood, relaxation, laughter, social comfort, self-love, compassion and a greater sense of self awareness. It relaxes them, lift their spirits and make them feel good about who they are. These sound like good side effects to me.

Easier orgasms

An orgasm isn’t necessarily the benchmark for good sex, but it’s definitely a huge bonus. Many women have trouble reaching orgasm during sex. It’s perfectly normal. But if you’re frustrated with anti-climactic sex and at your wit’s end, weed might be your solution. Cannabis can even make your orgasms stronger and last longer.

We’rehappy we have more data about women and cannabis use. While the “stoner stigma” negatively affects everyone, it seems that women feel a sharper impact. This may be due to a combination of a lack of reliable information about cannabis and old-fashioned sexism. To combat this, it’s imperative that more women who consume cannabis speak up about their usage.

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