Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Indoor Complete Cannabis Growing Kit

When learning to grow weed indoors, it’s tempting to buy a complete grow tent package – don’t! Although these kits may work well for a select few, they do not take into consideration your specific space, power limitations, equipment requirements, growing style, or goals.

Things to Avoid

Small growing cabinets: Cannabis plants like to grow tall – most literally double in height during the flowering phase. Your tent, room, or closet should be 6ft+ for best results.

‘Automated’ systems: If you aren’t checking your plants regularly, you’ll be disappointed come harvest time. Growing pot is not a passive activity, there is always something to do – clone, prune, transplant, clean – the list goes on. Plus, the word automation typically implies hydroponics – learn why I don’t recommend hydro setups here. Pro tip: the best water automation tool for soil growers are blumats. Watering is the only task that should be automated besides environmental controls.

‘Complete grow kit’: While these kits sound enticing, they don’t often work that well for a variety of reasons. I will outline them below.

Things to Consider

There are several important factors to consider if you are looking into purchasing a complete grow kit:

Size: Does the kit make the most of your grow space? Is it tall enough to accommodate flowering plants?

Power: Are you trying to save power by running energy efficient lighting? If so, you’re going to need an LED or Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting system to conserve energy while maximizing output. Also keep in mind that not all LED’s – or any lighting system for that matter – are created equal. Do your research!

Quality: While a turn-key growing system may have most of the equipment included, does it indicate the brand and quality? Slacking on a carbon filter is a recipe for upset neighbors. An inaccurate thermometer doesn’t help anyone.

Grow Medium: If your kit comes with hydroponic growing equipment but you intend to grow in soil – you’re going to be purchasing additional items, as opposed to saving money like you originally thought. Does it have the right size and type of pots?

Completeness: Does it really have everything you need? What else will you need to purchase?

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Cost: Are you really getting a deal or are you paying a premium for the all-in-one kit? My recommendation is to piece together the components separately and see how that price compares to the complete grow kit. Need help? Contact me for a free weed growing consultation today!

As you can see from the list above, there’s a lot to consider before pulling the trigger on a complete grow kit. Like I said, there are certain situations in which the all-in-one grow kit will work but it will not give you the customization required to truly make the most of your space within the context of your goals. While it’s easy to be overwhelmed at first glance, setting up your grow space only requires a few key items – I have summed up the essential pieces of equipment in this article.

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