Top Strains For Making Cannabis Butter

Edibles have a very different effect than smoked cannabinoids. The effects do not kick in as quickly but they are far more intense. They also last longer. Users report the feeling of a “body” high. That said, when cooking in your own kitchen, you can impact the kind of weed you use. The thing about cannabutter is you need a lot of cannabis to make a good batch. This can end up being pretty expensive, depending on the type of cannabis you’re using for your cannabutter. What appears to matter now is what kind of cannabis you use and what strength it has. Higher potency marijuana creates more powerful edibles.

So, which strains are the best for making cannabutter?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best cannabis strains to use for your cannabutter. These strains will sufficiently bring out the taste, potency, and quality cannabis experiences.

Super Lemon Haze

Appropriately named, Super Lemon Haze is known for its pungent, citrusy aroma and taste. This strain smells as close to a lemon, as cannabis can get. Its flavor is surprisingly sweet, making a great strain to be added into citrusy snacks or meals.

Bubba Kush

The famous Bubba Kush is an indica that is highly valued among medical users for its ability to induce sleep quickly and relieve you of the worst kinds of chronic pain. It also has a gloriously high THC content. All of these aspects make it one of the best strains for making cannabutter.
Since it grows in short and stout, this strain thrives the most in a hydroponic setting. Bubba Kush has a high yield and is fairly easy to grow.

Sour Diesel

If you want your edibles to leave you surfing the cosmos, then Sour Diesel should be your strain of choice. Her potency stands as a testament to her diverse genetic background. It is the same diversity that also gives her a relatively balanced high. A body-centric, calming sensation matches feelings of euphoria.


The powerful Trainwreck is technically a sativa-dominant hybrid. The strain creates a soaring, happy and cerebral high when smoked. It also has strong medicinal impacts, including pain relief. The strong, lemony and spicy strain also has a powerful effect when eaten. Because the plant also produces a high yield, it is popular with home growers who also cook.

Blue Dream

A potent cross between the ever popular classic strains Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is a slightly sativa-dominant strain shrouded in mystery. It’s very popular on the West Coast and offers a full-body relaxation. The euphoria it elicits is subtle: you’ll be happy and you’ll know it but your face might not surely show it.


With its Cannabis Cup winning genetics, it’s no wonder Skywalker is a favorite of cannabis chefs and smokers alike. This strain will provide you with the ultimate in rest and relaxation, in addition to melting all your pains and troubles away. This strain is best when grown in a hydroponic setting with clones.

Sherbet Power

Think of a flavor profile similar to that of strawberry and cinnamon, with a tinge of the classic skunky taste. This unique taste makes Sherbet Power an excellent option for cooking sweet treats with, as it adds hints of sweetness and spice. This strain also tends to have higher-than-average THC percentages, creating a potent and powerful high.

White Widow

The sativa-dominant hybrid White Widow is perhaps the most famous cannabis strain of all time. When smoked, it creates a deep and refreshing pine experience via its aroma and taste. This can also impact the flavour of the edibles you make with it. As this is easy to grow strain with a good yield, it is another favourite for canna cooks who cultivate their own weed.

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Orange Bud

Another sativa dominant strain, Orange Bud gets its name from its sweet flavor. The effect is very cerebral and certain flowers are quite high in THC. If you’re new to edibles, beware of this and maybe put it on your wish list, rather than in your cake dish.

OG Kush

Everyone knows that one of the best strains for making cannabutter is OG Kush, a strain that every self respecting grower should cultivate. This calming and relaxing strain will make you feel as though you are floating on a giant puffy cloud made of pure happiness. OG Kush is highly susceptible to powdery mildew when not trimmed enough. This strain does the best when grown indoors using the SCROG method. If you’re looking to maximize your crop yield hydroponic is the way to go. If you are growing outdoors it’s best to keep your plants in as dry an environment as possible.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that pure sativa or pure indica edibles could work differently. Cannabis is a very personal drug. Everyone reacts differently. The best way to find out what works best for you is to experiment!

[Updated, originally published 4.1. 2018]

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