Traffic Stop Turns into Police shooting after officers Allegedly Smell Weed

Video footage has been released of a police shooting in Florence, South Carolina on Saturday (March 24) after officers suspected a driver of being in possession of marijuana

“Is there any kind of drugs in the car?” Sieban is heard asking. “No sir, please,” the driver responds. “I can smell a little bit of weed,” Sieban says. “My homeboy was in the car, so…” the driver says. The officer then orders the driver to step out of the vehicle and the driver questions why that’s necessary, refusing to step out. “Sir, I smell marijuana in the car,” the officer says, “I’m not trying to have no issues okay?” “I’m not stepping out of my car right now, can you just run my information?” the driver says.

“Fucking about ran me over,” Bachochin who was standing next to the car is heard saying on the dash audio when Sieban asks if he’s ok. Officers later found the car abandoned near Marion and Harrell streets.

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