Traits Of A Good Weed Dealer

Selling marijuana isn’t difficult, but dealing successfully is. And as long as marijuana is illegal, we will all have to deal with them. Hopefully you have a good weed man, for your sake. Hopefully you have a guy that will do at least 5-10 things on this list. They don’t necessarily have to do them all (nobodies perfect) but they definitely do have to have a few if they want return customers.

  1. He has good prices
  2. Is available…. ALL THE TIME..
  3. Has a phone… with minutes
  4. Doesn’t make up weird names for every product
  5. Won’t keep you waiting
  6. He delivers
  7. Never lets the phone go to voicemail
  8. He is always stocked
  9. He has a variety to choose from
  10. When he says he’s going to call you back, he actually does
  11. Will smoke you up every now and then
  12. Doesn’t expect you to smoke him up on stuff you just bought
  13. Never short (Get a scale to make sure)
  14. Never pinches the bag
  15. If he has bad weed, he gives you large quantities

5 Okay Dealer
10 Great Dealer
15  Best Dealer around

  • Hows your weed dealer? Leave a comment below
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