Tricks For Sneaking Cannabis (Wherever You’d Like To)

There are plenty of ways to sneak drugs into a festival, an airplane, your parents house. . . really wherever you’d like to bring in drugs and not get caught.

From the basic, such as keeping your stash in your bra or socks, to the far more ingenious, here are five ways of how people are smuggling party aids into their favorite festivals. Once you’ve read this list of sneak tips, you’ll have to decide which method works best for you. Obviously, you can’t bring an empty flashlight with you to the club, but that doesn’t mean a stash lighter wouldn’t be welcome. Interestingly enough, ladies have a few more options for smuggling illicit goodies through the gates of a festival or onto a plane. Just a note: these tactics work for a small amount of drugs for you and your friends. If you’re trying to smuggle in bricks of illegal substances, this list isn’t for you.

Also, don’t do that.


It’s very impolite to look through someone else’s wallet, and therefore you’ll often get away with putting a joint or some greens in the most sacred part of your common belongings. Plus, you hopefully won’t lose your wallet, and therefore your pot.

Pens Are Not Just for Writing

This tip is crazy simple. Get a cheap pen, remove the ink, and store a joint in the tube. Presto!

Buy a Stash Lighter

When you think about it, it’s strange that all lighters aren’t stash lighters. But if you don’t feel like chancing any of the other tips on this list, buy yourself a stash lighter and hide whatever you want in its hidden compartment. They’re easy to carry, and even easier to ditch.

Behind Phone Case

If you have a roomy phone case and can find a spot to stash a joint or some nugs in, go for it. This is never going to get checked, unless you flat out tell someone you stash your stuff in your phone case.

Give That Old Flashlight a Second Life

f you’re going camping and you’re worried about getting busted with your preferred chill out substance, just load up the battery compartment of an old flashlight with whatever you’re bringing and no one will be the wiser.

Lip Balm: Not Just for Chapped Lips

There are a couple of ways to carry using a tube of lip balm. You can either remove the balm, clean out the tube, and carry a mini-stash around with you all day, or, if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t allow tampered packaging, hollow out the bottom and and store whatever you need that way. As long as the tape is there, you should be good.

Loose Tobacco Pouch

Using the loose pouch feature of a roll-your-own cigarette pack to your advantage makes getting your greens inside very easy. It’s fool proof as most people won’t question you when you’re seen rolling up, especially if you have a tobacco rolled decoy available to deter those that may be weary.

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Embrace Your Inhaler

So what if you get made fun of for having asthma? You’re about to be the guy that can get anything into anywhere.

Speed Stick Safe

This is not a deodorant stick, but a hidden storage container. Regular-looking stick of deodorant is, in fact, the perfectly innocuous hiding place for a little herb.

Use an Unopened Tampon Box

This mostly works for ladies, but guys can get away with it, too. Cut a slit in the top of an unopened package of tampons, stick in whatever you’re hauling, and glue the box shut. As long as you’re careful, you’re golden.

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