Tricks, Tips And Highdeas For Stoners

If you’re a marijuana enthusiast, then you already know there’s a vast wealth of weed wisdom out there to aid you with even the most ridiculous of pot-related problems. In the spirit of spreading joy, getting baked and making life easier, here are some highdeas and stoner tips that will help you to enjoy your smoking sessions more.

Prepare for Cotton Mouth


You’ve probably heard of the notorious cottonmouth by now. Let us be the first to tell you, this is absolutely a real thing.

After smoking, it is very typical for your mouth to get extremely dry, and have almost a cotton like feel to it due to the dryness and the way the smoke changes your saliva.

Before you smoke, eat a mango

This is one of our lesser known stoner tips, but it’s so cool! Many people claim that if you eat a mango 30-40 minutes before your sesh, the effects will be even stronger. Worth a shot.

Have weed to contribute when joining a new circle

If you’re joining some new friends, nothing breaks the ice more than bringing your own contribution to the sesh. Click here for more stoner tips on how to be a good smoking buddy.

Hair flat irons make a great at-home rosin press

Rosin is made using heat and pressure so all you need is parchment paper and flat iron, also known as a hair straightener. You can buy one at a thrift store. I have an old Conair monster that I never thought I would use again. With the setting on low, I put a bud between parchment paper, close it and literally stand on it. My weight plus the heat from the iron have always given me a decent yield.

If you drop busted up weed or dabs


We stoners have all been there, myself included. You are down to the last of your dabs or maybe you only have what’s left in your buster, and it goes flying. The last morsel you have gets knocked all over the floor and its too small to pick up. Fear not stoners. Get your vacuum and detach the hose.
Secure parchment paper over the top of the hose with an elastic or tape. Poke several small holes with a sewing needle or small pin.
Vacuum up your dabs or weed. The bigger pieces will collect on the parchment while the vacuum is on but beware stoner when you turn it off, the dabs or weed will fall. Make sure you have a tray underneath you.

Prepare for Red Eyes

They’re going to be times where you take a hit, and then go to the bathroom only to see that your eyes are extremely red – making your high very noticeable. A quick drop of Visine will easily relieve the red appearance, and make you look completely normal.

Don’t Cough in the Bong!

It’s sad to admit, but we have all done this from time to time. Sometimes it is a friend that causes you to laugh as you are taking a hit, other times it is a reaction from taking too big of a hit.

While it can be unavoidable, you should definitely keep in mind that this is something it can happen during a smoking session that completely ruins it.

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On top of the bowl being kicked and ashes being scattered everywhere, you also have to worry about bong water getting into the slide and all over the place.

If you are that guy be prepared to clean up

We not just talking about smudging it in either with your t-shirt. Prepare some warm soapy water and prepare to scrub your heart out! Make sure it’s completely clean and wait for it to dry and then scrub it again! Bong water is the worst smell so don’t be the guy that spills the bong or blows back his hit. And if you end up breaking it, you bought it. I would personally say sorry with a weed subscription box, but thats just me.

Watch Out for Scoobies

This is one of the best stoner tricks that we can teach you to look out for. A Scooby is when you go to take a hit, and accidentally inhale parts of the bowl pack itself.

This can be extremely painful, as hot ashes can burn your tongue, mouth, or throat. On top of this, it is extremely unpleasant, as it leaves a disgusting taste in your mouth.

You can easily avoid this by learning how to tell when a bowl is kicked, and not hitting it after that. Another way to avoid this is also to purchase a screen, which does not allow smaller particles to be pulled through.

Add some flavor

Leaving some remnants in the packaging of flavored wraps will give your weed a nice flavor.

Make an Awesome Playlist


Music changes everything. There is a reason why music was so groovy and different in the 60s.

While you are smoking, the sounds of music will begin to change, and take on different forms that you never thought possible. If you can have a playlist of really interesting and cool song set up going into your smoking experience, it can greatly enhance the results.

Don’t Get into Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are great. But please trust us, stay away from them after smoking. They will only lead you down a ton of rabbit holes, leave you extremely confused, and ultimately ruin your smoking experience.

In every stoners house is 1,000 lighters

Be prepared to lose yours all the time, and acquire many more at the same time. Don’t get too attached to your lighters. It’s just part of the experience.

When the joint is almost cashed let the next person know

At the end of the joint or bong normally there is one or two extra drags to ‘cash’. Always ask the next person if they would like the ‘last puff’ before finishing it off.

Keep A Stash Somewhere Safe

Being intentional about where you store your weed can keep your products in the best shape possible for the longest amount of time.

Create Your Own “Chill Out” Mantra For When You’re Feeling Paranoid

My chill out line is ‘this too will pass’. Often, when in the throes of anxiety, we feel as if it will last forever and that makes us panic more.

That’s why it’s important to remind yourself that this panic-filled moment won’t last forever.

Get a beta fish


Have you ever gotten high and watched your fish move around the tank? It’s straight up mesmerizing. Don’t forget to feed the lil guy!

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