Two Barrels of Pot Spills on California’s I-10

A pickup truck driving along the I-10 in Banning, California lost an expensive load on Thursday. After reportedly slamming into a transport truck and colliding with the highway’s central divider, the pickup allegedly dumped “two large barrels of marijuana” across the interstate, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Crash Investigators – Pot Not Worth Collecting

Nestled in the San Gorgonio Pass, tons of weed travels through Banning down I-10. But licensed producers and distributors probably aren’t transporting their product loosely in barrels in the back of Chevy’s. At this time, CHP doesn’t know much about the circumstances that led to the crash and the spilled weed. It could have been the bad weather or an impaired driver. Investigators just don’t have much evidence to go on.

Last Thursday was rainy in Banning, and the highways were slick with water and oily runoff. By the time CHP officers arrived at the scene of the crash, the spilled weed had all but dissolved in the pounding rain. There was simply no point in collecting any of it. So CHP just let the rain and traffic wash the weed away.

As per police no driver by took any marijuana

Pulling over and getting out of your car on a busy highway isn’t an advisable move. But for some cannabis consumers, the chance to swoop up some free bud might have been hard to resist. “Is this what ‘it comes back around’ means? I’ve been smoking up my friends for years; is this the universe saying thanks?” The thought might have crossed the minds of a few lucky San Jose drivers a few years back when another weed-packed pickup flipped and dumped its stash at a busy intersection. Same deal, the driver took off, and before police arrived, bystanders made off with as much weed as they were willing to carry.

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