Use These Strains Before Bed And You Will Probably Regret It

If you are looking for a strain to help you sleep, it may be best to choose an indica. Otherwise, a strongly indica-leaning hybrid could provide a viable alternative. You will want to steer clear of sativas as these are among the worst cannabis strains to use before bedtime.

One of the potential side effects of sativa strains is that they can cause your mind to race. This can be helpful during the day if you have tasks to complete and need to remain focused. However, if this side effect occurs when you are trying to sleep, it can cause problems.

You might find yourself overthinking the events of the day or your to-do list for tomorrow. In severe cases, this could lead to anxiety, one of the leading causes of insomnia.

You have to make sure that you take the right type and kind of strain because choosing the wrong strain can keep you wide awake all throughout the night. This is why we have made a list for you that will help you learn which strains not good for bedtime use.

Durban Poison


Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace strain, originating from South Africa. Although the strains you find today are significantly different from the original Durban Poison, their sativa effects remain.

Users describe Durban Poison as energetic and uplifting, providing a clean, clear-headed high. Some even use it as a motivating pre-workout smoke.

Although Durban Poison isn’t known to cause many side effects, it could lead to anxiety in susceptible people. For this reason, it is definitely best for use earlier in the day.

Sour Diesel

A popular strain with 90% Sativa genes, this is the best way to define Durban Poison. Although it’s lineage still remains a secret and the only thing that we know about the strain is a cross between Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91.

In addition to this, it also has hints of pungent flavor and fuel-like aroma. Most of the users who consume Sour Diesel are of the view that it provides an energetic high and the high can last for quite a long time. In case you feel fatigued all day, Sour Diesel might be the strain for you but not for individuals who are looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep.



The original ‘haze’ hails from different locations – South American, Mexican, South Indian, and Thai. Just like the afore-mentioned strains this strain also has Sativa characteristics and those characteristics can help you improve your mood.

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Haze is great for completing your to-do list as it has little in the way of physical effects. Instead, it provides a clear, cerebral high while subtly improving your mood.

As well as avoiding Haze before bedtime, you may also want to avoid its many descendants. These include Amnesia Haze, Special Crystal Haze, New’s Haze, and Special Lime Haze, to name just a few.

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