Useful Tips for Smoking Weed At Work

Before we even get into the mechanics of how to smoke weed at work, we need to talk about your career choices and job choices. A huge portion of being able to enjoy marijuana during your working day is choosing a career that is weed-friendly, in a state that has legalized marijuana in some form or another.

In all honestly, it is highly unlikely that most employers will tolerate cannabis at work and, if discovered doing so, you may risk being fired from a position. Obviously, some jobs, like those that require the operation of potentially dangerous machinery or other forms of unadulterated attention are absolute “no-no’s” when it comes to smoking weed on the job. 90 percent of the time, the moment that your boss smells weed inside the office walls, it’s going to be grounds for a stern talking-to, termination, or a lot of unwanted questions.


Those who function well while high, along with those who depend upon cannabis for conditions like anxiety and depression might be interested in exploring a variety of tips and techniques to consume this magical, medicinal herb at work.

If you’re someone who can accomplish your duties while stoned, you’ve got it made. If not, I’m sorry. Get back to work.

If you want to smoke weed at work, make sure that your workplace has the following things true before you even consider trying it:

  • Your work is in a location where weed is legalized. Should you be caught with drugs on most work campuses, company policy will be to call the police. This is almost always the case in states where weed is illegal, as it can be a workplace insurance issue. You don’t want to end up in cuffs just from accidentally dropping a baggie.
  • Your job doesn’t drug test. Drug testing means marijuana usage may be immediate grounds for termination. Don’t do that. It is one thing to turn up stoned to and manage to hide it and another thing entirely to try and pass a drug test. For the covert and strategic, it is possible to “pass” such a screening, but for those not willing to go the distance, it is better to be far more mindful about smoking cannabis.
  • Smoking weed will not impair your performance or image. Doing science work, dealing with customers, working with heavy machinery, or doing brain surgery isn’t advisable on weed. You should know this, though; it’s common sense. Ideally, the job you’ll be working will be one where smoking will enhance output. Creative jobs often will allow you to work weed-friendly tasks, for example.
  • Your office is friendly to marijuana. Every work culture will be a bit different. Some will have a very hardline, strict view on smoking weed at work. It’s possible that some companies may not even allow tobacco smoking job applicants to work there. In other words, work at the office for a while and get a feel for the environment. If your boss is a cannabis fan, for example, chances are high that you will be able to have a weed smoke break.
  • If you work at home, you’re probably good to go as long as your neighbors won’t report you to the police. Assuming that you’re in a legalized state, this probably won’t happen anyway.

Be as discreet as possible


If you want to learn how to smoke weed at work, the first step is learning how to be discreet about it.

First off, let’s talk about bringing weed to work. Don’t just bring bags of weed at work and leave them out on counters or desks. When transporting weed, you want to make sure that your boss and coworkers won’t smell it. Skunk Sack baggies, as a result, are great for this.

Make sure that the weed that you bring is going to be pre-packed, pre-ground, and just ready to go in a one-hitter vape pen. Lastly, your stoner’s kit should also include eye drops, mints, and maybe a light deodorant to cover up any smell that gets on your clothes.

Stick to sativa strains

Indica strains tend to make you sleepy, while Sativa strains tend to be the ones that make you upbeat, giddy, and awake. Being sedated on the job is generally a bad idea, and it is way more noticeable than being a little bit happier than usual.

Sativa strains give you more of a cerebral high, which means you can focus and use the weed’s stimulation to your advantage. Keep in mind, however, that smoking too much of any strain will be detrimental to your productivity.

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One-hitter is your best friend

The one-hitter is the perfect smoking device for quick and discreet sessions (if you don’t have a vape pen, which is pretty self-explantory). If you stand behind the dumpsters and spark a big joint, there will be a lot more smoke, which isn’t great, assuming you’re at your JOB trying to keep this on the low.

A one-hitter puts more of the weed smoke in your lungs than out into the atmosphere, and it usually looks like a cigarette. Anyone spying on you will think you’re on a nicotine break (unless said spy gets close enough to take a whiff).

Additionally, the small size of the one-hitter’s chamber is an automatic rationing. You don’t want to overdo it and become catatonic at your desk.

Use vape pen

Vape pens can be used to consume weed at work and blend in at the same time. Vaporizers are becomingly increasingly popular at replacing cigarettes. Therefore, you are likely not to raise any suspicions when choosing this device as a means to consume cannabis. Although the sweet and pungent aromas are still detectable when inhaling through a vape pen, they are far less obvious than the smoke generated from firing up a joint. Furthermore, vapor won’t linger in the fibers of your clothes or car like a blunt would.

Walk it out

You should ideally smoke outdoors. Alleys and tops of parking garages are great for this. Hot boxing your car is out of the question, unless your boss doesn’t mind you reeking to high heaven of a college dorm room.

Use eye drops


It is no secret that smoking weed can cause a person’s eyes to appear red and bloodshot. There are a variety of products on the market that claim to remedy this. It would be wise to use them if you wish to remain completely covert.

If you have to search up how to smoke marijuana at work without being caught, you probably should know that it’s not a good idea. On the other hand, cannabis may offer you the newfound creativity you need to better contribute to your role. What’s more, some find weed to ease their anxiety and stress, or just help them get through the day at a job they thoroughly do not enjoy.

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